Addicting Surviv IO: the Best Shooter

Addicting Surviv IO: the Best Shooter

Surviv IO

There are 3 things to know about Surviv io: it’s multiplayer, highly competitive, and hooking. The battle royale was developed in 2017 as a browser-based adventure. It’s a top-down open world with items to loot and opponents to kill. Loved by players and reviewers, it’s a must if you’re a fan of the genre. Scroll down to learn useful stuff about the adventure. Witness the rise of Skibidi Toilet as the internet’s latest sensation. Delve into the wacky world of toilet wars and electronic heads.

Minimalism Rocks

Minimalism Rocks

The visuals are based on a simple approach: geometrical figures must dominate. It doesn’t overload the picture and allows focusing on matches. The fighters, stones, and bushes are round. All objects around sync in shape and colors. Even the whole map is squared into a grid.

The First Battle in Surviv IO

You start matches barehanded. It’s still possible to use your fists if someone suddenly jumps at you. Search the area around for crates with valuable loot. You’ll find weapons, ammo, bandages, pills, and other items. It’s a pity you can’t grab them all. Your backpack is limited, which forces you to take only what’s really necessary.

If it’s a solo mode, consider everyone around you a threat. Take advantage of the environment to hide from the bullets. Move a lot. And stay away from the red zone. It’s a line that surrounds the playing ground. You can cross it, but the deed will most likely kill you. The area is toxic and takes away your HP. This nasty thing is not static. It spreads once in a while, urging all contestants to move to the center.

You can also team up with other users and fight for victory together. There are duo and squad modes with 2 or 4 allies backing up each other.

Check out this gameplay of a pro fighter:

A Weapon to Everyone’s Taste

A Weapon to Everyone’s Taste

The online game features lots of weapons to use against your enemies. The most popular options are firearms. They range from pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc. Don’t expect them to be loaded. But the ammo is usually nearby, just grab it. You’ll also find cold arms, such as axes, knives, katanas, and so on. Choose them in close combat and when you need to break something.

Master the Controls

There is a whole system of buttons to click. Learn them to get an edge and experience all Surviv io has to offer. It’s not hard as they are conveniently arranged on the keyboard. Here are only some of them:

  • Classic WASD for movement
  • Mouse clicking to shoot
  • Scroll wheel to change weapons
  • F to grab objects
  • M/G to view map

Random Maps

You won’t find identical maps, as they’re randomly generated for each session. There are environmental objects, such as trees, stones, mud, rivers, etc. You’ll also see buildings to break into. They’re closed, so you’ll have to find a door and knock it down. Look for some valuables to loot here. If you die, all you’ve managed to collect remains for others to feast on.

The Rich Content for Free

It’s a cool game to enjoy if you like dynamic action and strategy-based shooters. Surviv io can be accessed online. But if you prefer mobile gaming, download the app on your iOS or Android system. You can play without registration. But you’d better sign in for additional perks.