∞ Flares = ∞ Airdrops! New Sands Area! Desert Rain gameplay | surviv.io - glimmergame.com

∞ Flares = ∞ Airdrops! New Sands Area! Desert Rain gameplay | surviv.io

sv-98 gaming
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  1. 8:48 I was soooo confused when I saw all those airdrops, I didn't even think to try fighting.(I didn't know about the helmet's ability)

  2. I was just about to use thefatrat's xenogenesis, but the further part of the song broke the thing xd

  3. I like u give a like if u subscribed to dis dude

  4. Heyyyy, um, I'm not sure if this was you, but I think I might have eliminated you.
    My name was a potato farmer, it was at the Police Station, I had a Model 94, and it was were I shot and hid behind the wall, then you shot and hid, and it just went back and forth. I eventually got you. So GG, but if it wasn't you you have an impostor.

  5. Hi it’s me the guy who said u got me a new fav song and that was freakshow

  6. Hello I have one question, how you added music to your video?

  7. My highest kill solo game is 16 kills and 2k dammage

  8. should have unlocked all airdrops before throwing strobes

  9. Sv u might remmber me but do u remmber that 1v1 we had in costume

  10. Gamer in sv s game :
    Ok that’s one drop
    One more, pretty good luck
    Three drops? Ok that’s really good luck

    10 drops ok something is wrong

    20 drops, Ight imma head out

  11. I just realized I have played with you and picked you up before siper😱😱😱😱😱 cant believe I just realized it ☹

  12. Só a Dude was Marks man by infinit am o xD

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