⚡INSANE⚡Spawn !!!(again?)|| Rare Loot on one Place || Surviv.io - Progameplay - glimmergame.com

⚡INSANE⚡Spawn !!!(again?)|| Rare Loot on one Place || Surviv.io – Progameplay

Wursthund gaming
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Very rare(exept that this happend before, but doesnt that make it even rare?)

Igave much time to make perfect edits. pls rank me in comment, if i should go on.

Here the other near same looting spot, lol:


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  1. Wtf la musica de gometry dash 2.2 firebord

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  3. Nice video, actually that's just a luck, i found 2 golden sv containers, mosin tree, scout + spas hut and treasure chest in one place before 😛

  4. Very nice video. Getting that same spawn twice is crazy!

  5. How did you get the gamerio reaction? The one with its mouth open and hands up in the thumbnail?? BTW good video!

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