👑 Best of Best! 👑 | Pro 1v1 Highlights 2021 | Surviv.io Rewind - glimmergame.com

👑 Best of Best! 👑 | Pro 1v1 Highlights 2021 | Surviv.io Rewind

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We had serin’s 2019 highlights video
We had saadzz’s 2020 highlights video
Now, he are having this video for 2021


  1. sheesh, is better wheb u show ur crosshair

  2. 이분 내가 처음으로 구독한 채널이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. Nice Video, Happy New year 🥳, btw when can u 1v1? 🔥

  4. AMAZING one of the best 1v1 players I've ever seen you deserve 1000000000000000000000000000 subs LOL great video!

  5. It's really kind of annoying how good your aim is.

  6. Happy new year

    Btw I’m not a worse 1v1er at least 10 iq at 1v1ing peoples but you

    100% iq

  7. what button do you use when you do 1v1 quickswitching?

  8. 제가 유튜브에서 퀵스위칭 하는방법이라 쳤는데 스페이스바 설정이 어려워서 혹시 스페이스바 설정 영상 올려주실수 있나요?

  9. You might not care abt my message but..your insanly fucking good you remind me of serin and godak playstyle togheter.Didnt See such a good player Since long time,anyway if u had discord i would Like to add you maybe we can have a chat

  10. You would destroy prime g0dak in a fair 1v1 imo. Your aim is damn insane, literally looks like aimbot but it's legit.

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