🔴 10K GP LIVE TOURNAMENT for FANS! 🔴 | Surviv.io - glimmergame.com

🔴 10K GP LIVE TOURNAMENT for FANS! 🔴 | Surviv.io

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🔴 I’m hosting a live tournament in which the winner will receive 10,000 GPs! 🔴



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0:00:00 Waiting for players
0:03:26 Round 0
0:09:35 Waiting for players
0:12:42 Round 1
0:19:40 Waiting for players
0:28:44 Round 2
0:35:01 Waiting for players
0:39:48 Round 3
0:46:22 Waiting for players
0:52:17 Round 4
0:59:32 Waiting for players
1:04:13 Round 5
1:12:00 Waiting for players
1:15:04 Round 6
1:22:15 Waiting for players
1:27:39 Round 7
1:34:24 Waiting for players
1:36:35 Round 8
1:42:18 Waiting for players
1:44:40 Round 9 (first 1v1)
1:45:46 Waiting for players
1:47:00 Round 9 (2nd 1v1)
1:54:14 Waiting for players
1:55:00 Round 9 (3rd 1v1)
2:00:30 Giving 10,000 GPs!


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  1. GG to everyone that played in the tournament! This was so fun!

  2. That was fun! 🔥
    What kind of livestreams do you prefer?
    1) Tournaments
    2) Playing with fans
    👇 Let me know in the comments below 👇

  3. For first time it was okayish. But for future, use points system instead of disqualification please(like 1 kill – 1 point, top 1-5 points, top 2-3 and top 3-2 points). It is more fair cuz first not everyone have a lucky spawn, loot etc. I didnt participated but watched livestream. l0r0s could win it, but he got unlucky spawn and his win ripped off

  4. I know a lot of player in this game because I played random rounds and I va those peoples

  5. that not fair the time was at 6am people wake like at 9am

  6. Me alegra ver a gente que hace este juego no muera, este juego no sera popular o un juego de consola. Pero para mi siempre sera una maravilla, tal vez no tenga: eventos constantes , sus mapas son algo repetitivos. Pero su gente son lo que lo vuelve maravilloso, gracias Gamerio por ser de esas personas que no dejan que el juego Muera :')

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