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0:00:00 Glitched bunker alone
0:06:50 Glitched bunker with fans
0:15:51 Waiting for players
0:18:32 Game 1
0:25:15 Waiting for players
0:28:58 Game 2
0:35:40 Waiting for players
0:38:59 Game 3
0:44:15 Waiting for players
0:48:37 Game 4
0:54:24 Waiting for players
0:59:20 Game 5 – Win
1:05:54 Waiting for players
1:09:21 Game 6
1:14:35 Outro


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  1. I hope I was gamerio fan, but I played a great game with you @GAMERIO

  2. I played with you (twice), my name was surviv123654434

  3. Bạn có phải người Việt ko,
    Hôm trước tôi gặp 1 người có tên giống hệt bạn mà người đó có emotes cờ Việt nam!

  4. I played with you 12/23 today! I revived you and gave you bandages. My name tag was Robert in squad woods.

  5. WTH it was streamed 42 seconds ago ARE YOU KIDDING ME WHYY DO I MISS THESE STREAMMMSSS 😭

  6. Ah GAMERIO, are you using the infinite ammo perk to amass this much ammo?

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