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1 Kill with Every Gun in Surviv.io

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In this video I got a kill with every gun in surviv.io. Some guns I obviously couldn’t do but this was every possible kill I could get at the moment.

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  1. where were u able to find a pkm other than potato?

  2. Survival was my life for a long time, makes me happy to see this again, so sad that hackers broke the game and now their shutting down the game.😓thx for video, it was very well made💪✋👊👍

  3. Damn the intro is so cool
    How did u make the text sticks to that house :v

  4. your 3rd comment, 15th view and 5th like 🙂
    cool vid btw.

  5. what are the guns u couldnt get a kill with ?

  6. Litteray clickbait, no cursed m9 kill, no potato kill, no snowball kill, no karambit knife kill, no huntsman knife kill, no bowie knife kill, no bayonet kill, no flamethrower kill, jsut all melee and granades left out 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  7. Great Video, love the intro with the text xDD
    How did you do that, that you did know what guns you already had and what guns you still need?
    Did you have something like a checklist?

  8. if it was up to me i would become a surviv io dev to fix all the issues! if anyone knows how to apply for a dev there PLEASE tell me, i am a game developing enthusiast and i have great experience with game development in general. (programming, ui, vfx)

  9. Yo the editing is SOOOO GOOOD! the intro is cool. 1:16 looks like Model 94

  10. How are your lobbys so full? The most i can get is 20

  11. No rainbow blaster, no heart cannon, no lasr gun and not even bugle kill 😠😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  12. Nice video but it must take time to find vid for every single gun.

  13. Great video and outro 👍. We will miss u surviv io

  14. Awesome! Rip surviv 😔
    You forgot the flare gun 😂

  15. UPDATE: surviv is shutting down, so im makin my own surviv io game on roblox and so far it looks great! if anyone wants to play the game to test please tell me! mechanics will be almost exactly like surviv the only difference is graphics which are 3d top view

  16. Do any of you guys remember the infinite ammo perk in desert? It also gave you infinite flares! 😂

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