18 KILLS WITH SAIGA-12 SHOTGUN! (Surviv.io) - glimmergame.com


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I got 18 kills in surviv.io solo squads using the Saiga-12 and the HK416. It was a fantastic round & just before it I got a 19 kill solo squads round. The Saiga-12 is a beast and honestly needs nerfing, but it lead me to an insane victory. This battle royale never gets old! Related games: PUBG, Fortnite, etc.


  1. I think these kind of videos are more fun to watch

  2. i just got 15kills i got the saiga 12 when there was 6 people left solo squads

  3. My record is only 17 kills… I have 82 wins tho
    Septus wanna play duos sometime?

  4. I swear i win everytime i got a saiga. It's just too strong.

  5. Hey septus I'm also a small surviv youtuber not as many subs as you only 125 but I was wondering if you would like to duo I'm pretty good just hit 200 wins

  6. Who 18 kills my best 28 hahahaha ia m pro

  7. Holy crap your getting really good! And your channel is growing quickly. My best solo squad is only 15 kills, and my best solo duo is 15 kills. My best solo is 16 kills (i need way more kills lol)

  8. Dude there was a scar when u killed the guy with target practice skin

  9. When you go to the hydra base and break the box and get a hk

  10. Bro u take a hk over scar? *facepalm Either eay ur vids are great

  11. You're a good player except you left a scar behind.

  12. I got so triggered when he switched his HK for a MAC 10 when a Scar was right there and he had 223 blue ammo!!!!

  13. how do you get so much kills, i mean you make it look easy, how

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