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1v1ing g0kt in Surviv.io

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My aim was bad that day.

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Thanks for Zoxil for the intro.


  1. rounds oversimplified in sweat language:R1: gokt throws a grenade to god knows where and gets headshotted, definitely was out of range. Jit was probably missing out for arm day at planet fitness. We see good positioning from Bluewy, but he gets cocky and pushes the shit out of his opponent and gets combo'd by a close range mosin and m870. He pussies out and goes for a drink, comes back out from a tree and the 2 crips start trying to make "prediction god" videos as they attempt off-screen shots for a full 6 seconds. Bluewy gets bored the shit out of himself and goes for a stroll to an airdrop and gets nothing. Gokt here advances, trying to corner Bluewy but struggles as he again throws his nades outside of a 16 meter radius. Jesus Christ. 2:30 we don't even know this mans iq, as gokt casually dodges the bullets and tries to take a nap in the red zone. Bluewy takes a tumble as he also seems to be missed out on his arm-day, throwing his grenade too far to the left. Next we see a sequence of some merry-go around shit around the bunker until princess 1997 Diana gets absolutely dusted on with the nasty peek – headshot at 3:14. R2: This round lasted about 20 seconds. We see Bluewy hiding behind a rock, and his opponent so happens to be right under his fucking mini-map so he can't even see him. gokt hides behind a rock which was not a good idea, as 5 seconds later he gets shit on by the nutty scout-spas combo. Terrible aim at the start but it soon catches up.R3: Exellent move by Bluewy as he pushes daddy gokt into the house as the redzone advanced. Princess Diana realizes his mistakes and wakes the fuck up, but still misses 90% of his shots. Bluewy for some reason takes a lap around the rocks at 4:33. Like Jit you could have basically moved under it…. anyways we see some solid, gentleman rock fighting between the 2 rivals. The fiery bloke seems to not have watched Serin's rock fighting technique video, as he has to travel 20 feet just to peek – shoot his opponent. At this point the round is over, as we see a moment of "what the fuck is he doing" as gokt casually walks to a tree way too out of his reach. He instantly gets deep-fried like a rat at KFC, and Bluewy stops emote-spamming over his victory at this point because he's realized he has a Math Exam tmrow. R4: We see the main character emerge from a lake like some shit out of the Walking Dead, and proceeds to play extremely cocky, shooting at his opponent while having no barrier to cover him. He finally realizes "shit, I shouldn't do this" after being shot once and scurries over to a nearby rock. We finally get to see some good positioning from gokt, except he decides to pinch Bluewy from the bottom at the end of it, which allows him to escape. Gokt moves in for the kill with Bluewy at 1 hp, but still manages to get pumped his ass off behind a container. ggs.now pin this cus I deserve itplus I have a math test tmrow and idk wtf I'm doing

  2. The intro was supposed to have music in it, but it was copyrighted so 😂

  3. "my aim was bad that day"
    relatable and thats my excuse for losing ofcc
    (oh yea when im actually decent at the game i wanna rematch so just wait a couple of decades or smth)

  4. ima rematch u? idk when im free spring break i got vollyeball

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