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Random 1v1s as in randomly met ingame without the intention to join the same game.
I probably lost like 2 or 3 more fights that i actually really tried to win, but all of thoose contained lag and would be really shitty to watch. (By far not all “wins” in the video neither).

All music taken from this:


  1. I quit survival but Im thinking of trying again. I am a mobile player and my phone so crappy now so I hope I don't lag 😀

  2. do you even have a main account cause I see so many different accounts lol

  3. Hello! I am a representative for Sploop-io. And we have noticed that you play the game Surviv-io, Which is like our brand new game mode called "Sploop-io Battle Royale!". The game mode uses Sploop-io's advance PVP building mechanics with fast moving zones for a fun yet intense gameplay experience! We are wondering if you would be willing to try out the new game mode and if you like it, Consider making a video about it! Thanks in advance for reading this message and considering playing the game! P.S. As a growing youtuber we would also be glad to help entise people to the video within the sploop-io community!

  4. Was thinking I gonna pass in the video but remeber I am not pro hahaha

  5. Jaja nice video vorallem weil ich jetzt weiß dass du dieses fangirl bist 🤡

  6. Omg 24th comment, i've been waiting for a day, then suddenly felt sleepy, then …, I should have had a first comment , damn, but ur skill is just simply magical as usual

  7. you are very skilled in 1v1
    plan to do 1v1 with kyromixx?

  8. u pro teach me daddy
    – average godak fan
    – average godak enjoyer

  9. very nice video idea as always g0dak🔥🔥🔥

  10. Gg but why i never saw my name in those clipz of g0dak

  11. i got headache from that gameplay and these loud bass songs 🔥🔥

  12. gg… i am not in your vidéo… gg for you and the guys who 1v1 you…

  13. Imagine being g0daks level of skill! IMPOSSIBLE…

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