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200 Surviv.io Games in Around 2 minutes

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Today I put 200 surviv.io recordings into one video.

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  1. Imma miss this game i had so many memories playing it i hope someday it'll returns

  2. all your videos are edited too well :orespect 👏

  3. Im crying rn my childhood is dead why 😭😭😭

  4. no footage from the old times? no 60+ player games

  5. Im EXCITED also first comment and first like

  6. dude literraly just edited 200 clips
    respect 👀

  7. ill miss this game, the memories everything, and even though its just a game, it really does burn my heart to see it leave and die just for no reason

  8. It's like life flashing past your eyes…
    Rip surviv but it was pointless for it to continue in it's dead state

  9. This edit hit way harder than I thought it would goddamn 🥸

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