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21 kills in solo squads !

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Different Heaven – Nekozilla [NCS Release]

Track: Elektronomia – Summersong 2018 [NCS Release]
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Different Heaven – OMG [NCS Release]

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  1. (whom ever wants the code) K.P.Y.R (kill pit code)

  2. I played yesterday with a gamerio.was that u,my name was captain in squad game

  3. Gamerio I’m worried the cobalt update is cancelled because it’s already been 2 days the update should come by any second or hour by now or is it come out next week ldk

  4. Je suis français et je regarde ta chaîne gamerio

  5. My record is 15 kills in solo squads and also 15 in solo, I’m an IPad player so I think that’s pretty good 😀
    It’s impossible to double snipe on iPad so that’s sad D:

  6. My record was 22 kills, but it was WAY back in 2018. When Saiga was a new gun and the underground bunker was the new thing.

  7. My pb is 29
    Keep it up
    Been here since like 100 subs

  8. Gamerio is so toxic wtf. He spins forever

  9. My personal kill record is 26 kills, with A mossin naggat, and a Deagle.

  10. Does your channel resume compiled from good times with extremely loud and annoying background music?
    Show us a true, complete gameplay, something unedited and especially without these songs!

  11. I didn't see a single dispute against people who knew how to play. We only see a compilation of deaths on top of newbies!

  12. New personal best youtuber congratulations can u pls show ur keybindings?

  13. Please make. A tutorial on how you do your thumbnails

  14. Can't even us m8 mp correctly, spins more than kdog, highest kill is worse than gamerboys, aim is complete trash, and yet you still almost have 10k subscribers…

  15. I’m a mobile player and my solo squads record is 15 😀 I very rarely play squads so my solo record is higher than my solo squads record.

  16. The M134 sometimes is trash, My Spas-12 beat the M134.

  17. Likes 666

    Edit:today is this number tomorrow 667 our more numbers

  18. Guys like here👍 if you want to have a squad of pros like GAMERIO, Corrupt X, Surviv Serin and lastly SV-98 Gaming

  19. S Muhammad Sannan Bin Faisal Syed Faisal Imran- 2810088 says:

    rip gold airdrop 🙁 awm props

  20. Turkey sounds wrong i can't get it off my head

  21. i love how he just transitions from having a mac 10 and an ak to double mosins with ghillie suit

  22. I have found a new gun!It has the name:M74

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