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23 KILLS in POTATO MODE! | Surviv.io

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I got 23 kills in the potato mode! It’s epic!



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Track: NIVIRO – The Guardian Of Angels [NCS Release]
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Axol x Alex Skrindo – You [NCS Release]


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  1. good video broo you always win you are a champion in survi.io and follow aci broo good videos for us that you are the best

  2. Me: My best round just have 10 kills.
    GAMERIO: Dont worry i just have 23 kills in this vid.
    Me: TvT

  3. oh no 23kills by trolling noobs and hackers noice video i like it✨🔥keep it up

  4. euro lobbies are so easy now I dropped a 27 on a huge amount of delay

  5. Great job! I never get over 10 kpg. Maybe in the future you could do USAS-12 with splinter rounds.

  6. GAMER Io its me Tezz from surviv io remember me?

  7. Why Gamerio entered the island of the players without account with his account/name?????

  8. nother question you know on ur chanel home page? how do u make rows of videos like that? i tried but i dont know how

  9. Alguien que quiera jugar conmigo en duo siempre

  10. Gamerio i can't be pro so i cannot earn the pass can you teach me how to be so pro? Tq ^^

  11. I think you have killed me once. Not in this video

  12. GAMERIO you link to your discord server is the link to discord not your server pls send link to sever

  13. You know when every once in a while you just have the ultimate leans forward in chair and you start dominating the game? This is what happens when GAMERIO gets that feeling.

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