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2FPS CHALLENGE! | Surviv.io

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Can I win playing at 2fps? Let’s try to win 30fps, 10fps & 2fps games!



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0:00 30fps challenge
1:09 10fps challenge
2:14 2fps challenge


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  1. Yo hello anyone remember me – SCAR-H YT

  2. When gamerio is still better than you at 2 fps

  3. 2 fps is literally school wifi w school computer

  4. you play with noobs you in who not logged in server

  5. NOOOOO Rip my next video idea after the 500 ping vid xDD

  6. I play on mobile my nađe Is KuzmaLuzmaYT

  7. My second video was gonna be about my laggy experiences. It would still be ok to post it right?

  8. Our whole team has registered you, hope you make more and better videos to break the rankings surviv.io keep it up, Vietnamese brothers are always waiting for you (viet nam)

  9. I can't wait your awesome video! Keep it up bro! Happy new month! 💙

  10. Tuy tôi là người việt nam nhưng tôi rất thích xem kênh này

  11. 2 fps 🤔
    When u win with that it would be even in a lobby with 10 people kinda hard😳
    I even lose games with 60 fps lmao

  12. 30 fps is kinda ez, 10 fps it starts to get really hard and at 2 fps it is like impossible to play

  13. Me plaiying

  14. Why are you copying my fps?! Cmon man that’s not cool…

  15. LOLOL!!!! 2 fps is the most amusing part!!! You used 15 seconds to grab the stuff. ANd Idk why you can win in 4:16 so amzing keep your creative and make more this kind of videos xD💥😈 good job in 10 and 30 fps

  16. Next vid : surviv io vs another battle royale?

  17. I think that this is your first time you didn't do more than 5 kills in ages lol.

  18. Me realizing that I won a battle with 2 fps LOL

  19. MP220 is god????
    It can use anytime

  20. I swear, 2fps is what my shitty windows 7 computer gives me to play this game. I have a ram of 6. Can anyone help to increase it?

  21. How this is possible I really don't know… I can't play on 40 fps its too laggy lol

  22. Legit just playing on my school chromebook be like

  23. hey can you do use auto gun onli challeng???

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