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3 Things Surviv.io players HATE

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this video is about 3 things surviv players absolutely HATE.

shoutout to iHASYOU for some clips against hackers!

this video is NOT about meeting myself in the final zone on two different tabs OR minecraft, rather its about surviv.io. There are not really surviv.io tips in this video either.

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  1. Number 4: Pro teamers – normally the average teamer is so bad that if they team up with another player their level, you have 2 free kills. However when tryhards/good players start teaming to get both at the end of the match to 1v1, it's VERY stressing, even for other pro players.

  2. It's easy to kill hackers but when they kill me AND emote i just stream snipe them

  3. i havent this game in ages. the hackers completely ruined the game and the developers dont do anything.

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