33 KILLS DUO vs SQUADS + DUAL SV-98! | Surviv.io - glimmergame.com

33 KILLS DUO vs SQUADS + DUAL SV-98! | Surviv.io

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I got 33 kills in duo vs squads + 21 kills in solo vs squads in the Desert mode with 2 SV-98! Enjoy the video!



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  1. nice quickswitching! I always love to see a new video from you 😀

  2. can u please do more videos GAMERIO because u are the best youtuber

  3. No les encanta como GAMERO activa su modo dios y se carga a todos

  4. what is your key combination, do it for the next video

  5. Top 3 best players in surviv :
    2 CIEL
    3 GODAK

  6. can you solo with SEAL_4 or g0dak ,pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  7. How you know the sell and buy thing in shop get mine it’s heart mythic pls buy mine

  8. Hey Gamerio, You Are Very Good At Surviv.io, And You Got Some Very Good Music On The Second Match, What Is It Called? Thank You!

  9. OMG, I trolled and killed you in 50vs50. I trolled you with the fire ball skin

  10. I wish I have The season 6 but it I’m so good I have no skins I Am a BIg big big big fan of you I tell my friends to subscribe to you

  11. I wish I was you so Good like you and get The season 6 in survivor io GAMERIO I wish I play with you today sorry if VM I’m not good at the game

  12. mi hermano piensa que eres hacker yp no mi hermano tonto

  13. Can we just appreciate the fact that GAMERIO doesn't have ads in his vids.

  14. You viet nam😊😊😊😊😊😁😁

  15. Cool video, gamerio is the best player in the game

  16. I think he is the best of quickswitch and good aim.

  17. aym 00000000
    GEMIRIO VS 000000000
    WINE 0000000

  18. U get my favorite combo sv sniper and super 90

  19. I like how u dont use duo mosin cuz spas is good when low-range combat

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