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5 REVERSE BULLET HELL Games Like Survivor.io & Vampire Survivors Tier List

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The #ReverseBulletHell genre, also associated with Bullet Heaven, is becoming more popular than ever. With mobile games like #survivorio and PC games like #vampiresurvivor at the top of the charts. If you’re looking for more reverse bullet hell games like Survivor.io and Vampire Survivors check out these 5 Reverse Bullet Hell Roguelike mobile games ranked on a tier list from worst to best!


0:00 Intro
0:23 Magic Survival
1:21 Lonely Survivor
2:14 Undead City
3:17 20 Minutes Till Dawn
4:35 Project Clean Earth
6:08 Outro

DOWNLOADS (Android):

Download Magic Survival:

Download Lonely Survivor:

Download Undead City:

Download 20 Minutes Till Dawn:

Download Project Clean Earth:



  1. Ive played magic survival for a very long time, its in my top 5 games of all time!

  2. Thanks bro really needed this, been lookin for new games like these to pass time with🤙🤙🤙

    Also… didnt know this is what the genre was called. So cool beans.

  3. Can you create a content on survivor io that gives us a better look on the skills or effects like "bleed", "base speed", "weapon damage", "skill damage", "projectile speed" and skill + utility combination (e.g. you can combine the fuel with drones to increase efficiency and does CD reduction help with maximizing it's damage? Does projectile speed help the drone hit faster?).

    The game didn't tell use what does the "bleed" do, I just says inflicts bleed
    We don't know how much damage a soccer ball initially give or how much damage the brick does when it hits. I know it's like – the kunai is 1.5x your damage – the soccer ball is 6x, etc. etc.

  4. "Reverse bullet hell"? How is it reverse?

  5. Thanks ..Your video is informative and i'll install all 5 game and then see which one is more fun to play 👍

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