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7 Types of Medic in 50v50! | Surviv.io

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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – The Aggressive medic (1st)
2:47 – The Team player (2nd)
4:05 – The overconfident medic (3rd)
5:17 – The Wrong game (4th)
called wrong game because it is not a full lobby
7:26 – The Noob (5th)
7:53 – no name (6th)
Not getting medic (7th)
9:11 – subscribe!

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  1. based on yesterday votes medic won! (dont worry marksman & grenadier will also come 🙂

  2. I love 50vv50 what is your favorite mode I was second to like but IDK who first!!!

  3. Im not fighting when im medic im always here to save my teammate !

  4. ive never won in solo because of teamers and having no scope

  5. In my opinion, here's my way how to use the roles
    Medic: get to place right before the bridge or airdrop and spam ur pills and a few sodas, then go to the bridge and hide behind something and spam healing or sodas and resurrect as many people as you can
    Grenadier: just spam nades at the bridge
    Leader: I'm pretty sure jokesta did a vid on this, but fire ur airdrop near the bridge but not at too close so the opposing side will steal it, you don't need to loot up since u already have a good gun, a simple secondary gun like a mac 10 will work. after everyone loots up, lead the charge on the bridge ASAP also drop all ur adrenaline u already have maxed out adrenaline
    Marksman: go for the big guys, go to the bridge asap but stay near the back
    Bugler: pretty much same as medic except instead of healing use ur bugle, also try to keep with the leader. when u die make sure you go near a bunch of teammates so they get buffed
    Recon: idk i never get it

  6. One time I was medic and the air drop happened and I got so lucky that everyone was going for the drop IDK how but my luck happened and I got duo AWM-S . (here is the link) blob:chrome-untrusted://media-app/dc55dc30-4412-43c1-8b43-18d6f9acaf91

  7. thumbnail 5 types of medic
    title : 7 types of medic
    video 6 types of medic
    visible confusion

  8. The last one should of been called “party medic” or “social medic”

  9. I am thinking about starting my own youtube chan any advice, I got inspired by u so..l thx

  10. i died when Jokesta tried to imit a noob :V

  11. Oh i am totally agressive medic i was once in a place filled with enemies and i bonesawed like 8 of them and i was kill leader until i got sniped by an awm-s… I didn't even c the bullet ;-;

  12. and sometimes i am team play medic but mostly agressive

  13. i am the smart medic, doing my jobs, and leave the kills to my teammates when they can do the jobs, me only kill if only me can fight rn.

  14. 6:00 do you play today? Do u meet the "[AOT]Sasha" i think i meet the fake jokestaplays

  15. Lemme adđ the 8th one….

    8th medic: the medic who has pure lagness and unable to revive himself…no need to thank me…have a great day

  16. The thumbnail says there are 5 types, the video says there are 6 types, but the title says there are 7 types of medic

  17. u forgot that there are "suicide medic" who bombs other team's airdrop and "useless medics" trying to make the team lose and camp for lone survivr (I am both).

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