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Video idea and playstyle inspired by Mr. Dove Dovydasri


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montage smooth


  1. i am try harding and still got any satisfying clips, your average play clips are always better

  2. omg 0:12 u use DE like hackkk
    I admire u so much!! Ilike this :Đ

  3. Smooth music + smooth gameplay + smooth edits = smooth montage ig 🔥

  4. veri smooth indeed. lovin it 👨‍💻👀💋

  5. Oopps, almost forgot that comment must consist mire than 7 words, so there it is. Lava ya, ofc

  6. And s6eblablabla… Knew it were ya. Cuz me is pr0e snipa

  7. Wait a sec, i thought everyone left surviv, so surviv is reviving? BTW POG U

  8. Nice Montage and i am happy taht i am not in there

  9. Seeing you getting 2-4 kills just shows that surviv is dead sadly

  10. am i the only one who cannot play? I'm on a European server and it won't let me play on any server 🙁

  11. This is epik when you watching on 4k xd

  12. U r intro is amazing
    But look like a hacker use spinbot and aimbot =)
    Well, i belive u don’t use hack.

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