Aeon vs TD 4v4/3v3 | -

Aeon vs TD 4v4/3v3 |

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– sleepy
– chisp
– oceanboy
– rogueXw

– me
– cargo
– michael8888
– bag (mr frederick)
– rekt (tatsuya)


  1. Did you just use gay as an insult? 🤨 … you’re cancelled 7:26

  2. Finally a relief to see you post again

  3. Bruh silver your so trash😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I got 5 kills using quick switch. But I used to get 9 kills without using quick switch😞😢

  5. no one: …
    silver: shoots 2 shots misses both then calls out "he's low he's low"
    me watching: boy thats cap cargo call out better and he dont have a mic

  6. Is there a discord server where this is coordinated? Or do you guys just know each other and play with each other?

  7. 2:14
    Me saw a Deagle in a box: WOW

    Silverdotware saw a Deagle in a box:

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