Aeon vs TD 4v4/3v3 | -

Aeon vs TD 4v4/3v3 |

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– sleepy
– chisp
– oceanboy
– rogueXw

– me
– cargo
– michael8888
– bag (mr frederick)
– rekt (tatsuya)


  1. Dang, it says “4 views,” but when I clicked, it says 7 lol

  2. Your vids are always 🔥 keep up the great work!

  3. Surviv Texture pack theme is changed to 3D, release date is moving because of uncompleted video tutorial.

  4. omg silver i love your wars and videos im a huge fan and i think u are the best surviv player 🙂 and i hope one day i could be in one of your vids 🙁 <3
    u are my inspiration,u are the reason i play surviv <3

  5. ngl u shoulda played Fsjal he’s pretty cracked

  6. gg u guys played that last round well there was nothing u could do

  7. omg wow 3-0 to 3-4 come back. That was insane!

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