ALL Anniversary Clash: Festive Challenges With CHAOS EQUIPMENT | -

ALL Anniversary Clash: Festive Challenges With CHAOS EQUIPMENT |

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Today we are going to complete every Festive Challenge in the newest Anniversary Clash challenge, part of the new Anniversary Celebration: Absolute Counter event in to claim free rewards like s-grade supply crate keys, tickets for the Anniversary Celebration: Brave Assembly event, energy essence, and more!


0:00 Intro
0:43 Festive Challenge 1
4:44 Festive Challenge 2
7:59 Festive Challenge 3
11:50 Festive Challenge 4
15:15 Festive Challenge 5

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  1. how th do you get the new gears so quickly…

  2. Let's GOOOOOOOO!!!
    amazing video

    Just spoke to you 10-15 min ago on the discord lol

  3. What is making those barrages of slices in the game

  4. I really want the shoes of confusion (even if I know it’s bad)

  5. let’s gooo! i was the one who asked you about this guide on discord xD

  6. Hey man, do u think you can make a new gear tier list

  7. Isn’t that damage meter to show you how much damage the new belt is dealing?

  8. hi phase why don't you use the new 1st anniversary profile pic

  9. Idk if it’s just me, but these 5 challenges felt easier than the previous 5 challenges

  10. Can we get a tutorial for people without good gear

  11. Him : Anyone can complete these challenges
    me with 11 damage : 🥲

  12. What is that slashes every couple second in that circle I NEED TO KNOW

  13. I need clan members. Come join the High Flyerz. I've got gifts in the chat and no one wants to play lol

  14. I want you to try these with my set up im kinda new I run all purple gear.

  15. what is the music for challenge 1? its really good lol

  16. I can't beat bosses 3 on the 2nd challenge. It's so hard to dodge all those bullets from two bosses.

  17. Honestly I thought that the other festive challenges were easier 🙂

  18. i didnt finished the previous 5 challenge. the 2nd one keeps crashing when im. almost done with the boss

  19. U got any tips for beating the 2nd one if u only have void power gold, shotgun revolvver and sword purple?

  20. Completed them all, 4th one was the most difficult one I believe.

  21. Hey phasecast, what if they put a pvp feature in this game? Any thoughts ?

  22. I love the events and only a maxed player like you would want more chapter s. Still like your content

  23. It's look to easy when your account is that strong. 😅 but for us newbie it's too hard to finish 😂

  24. The 2nd challenge is way too hard. And also can you give tips on how to beat them

  25. 2nd challenge a p2w you literally have to have the best equipment and tech parts it’s impossible

  26. what equipment or upgrade gives you passive healing even without the energy drink? (I’m new)

  27. I dont understand how im sapose to beat a storm of un-dodgable bullets that 3 shot me😭

  28. I cannot do challenge 2 how hard I try

  29. Ain't no way i am beating this bruh, I don't have that much S gear and no Light Chaset man

  30. The 2nd final boss was a total asshole…..

  31. The level 2 is really hard impossible to complete :/

  32. It is unfairly,if you aren’t so strong you won’t be able to get the awards a have many revivals but they don’t help,the bosses are making so many damage especially their stupid bullets please do something

  33. How can I make that wobble effect in the 1-ton Iron?
    my 1-ton Iron just shoots out without that wobble effect

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