All Your... MY Luck In -

All Your… MY Luck In

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  1. Check out my new channel : QT Chosus Minecraft & DEV. I will make video AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  2. Cuando yo te bailo sé que tú te vuelve' loco

  3. Ghép meme ghê thế :)))
    Xem hơi trễ

  4. Also This channel is my next channel and I make a 100 days video on it. SUBSCRIBE PLZ

  5. Also I want to make more videos, but I have a project about minecraft, so the video will be late….
    Và tôi cũng muốn làm thêm những video khác, nhưng tôi đang có 1 dự án về MAICRAB nên video SU VIP VIO sẽ bị dời lại…

  6. Also I have wrong when doing the caculate, the awm bullet split the damage into 3 smaller bullet and I forgot about that so i multiply the damage by 3 😓

  7. Tui mở airdrop trong mode potato dc x15 :))))

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