ALL Your *DREAMS* in ONE Video!💥😱Pt 6 -

ALL Your *DREAMS* in ONE Video!💥😱Pt 6

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Hello everyone!
Today Part 6 of the ALL Your Dreams series

Enjoy the Video! 😀

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Video Made by L0r0s
Thumbnail Made by L0r0s
Discord: L0r0s#3868

0:00 Ghellie Suit in Container
00:07 15x in Toilet
0:17 *DOUBLE* M79 & AWM-S
0:38 AWM-S, PKP, M249, SV-98
0:42 M79 with Much ammo
0:45 11 AWM-S
0:48 Camo deer skin
0:54 Double SV-98 + 15x
0:57 Poke for 1.000 gp
1:01 Club full of ammo
1:04 2 golden airdrops
1:07 15x out of a barrel
1:16 having 87k Kills on one item
1:22 ghellie suit in container
1:27 32 Kills and still 20 people alive!
1:30 2 airdrops at one place in 50v50
1:36 police station full of M110
1:41 m79 out of a crate!
1:44 mosin out of a crate
1:49 flare gun on ground
1:54 flare gun on ground 2
1:59 8x on ground in police station
2:02 impossible offer to get xD
2:06 deagle on ground in dock
2:10 writing L0r0s in! ❤
2:18 Outro 😀

Sweepz – Apollo

*What are my key binds?*

*What do I use to edit?*
Filmora X and Davinci Resolve

*What do I use to make thumbnails?*

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  2. yooo this is the best one yet in my opinion 🙂 Nice job

  3. All your Surviv.I’m dreams in ONE idea! (PART 6)

  4. I found many times ghillie suit in contanier xDD i'm lucky

  5. joa….. toll das der song dir auch gefällt

  6. Its possible To have a m79, a scout elite and a deagle 50 in a normal crate ! (It happen 2 me)

  7. is there a way I could send u some pics of lucky moments for next episode I have a lot

  8. Nice video!!!!! I know someone who found an m79 in a toilet.

  9. when will squad links will work…

  10. nice video but l0r0s what the fucc happened to clan hub in surviv,have u seen all the clans being racist asf?

  11. У меня проблема!!! Задания перестали выполняться, играя на телефоне. После того как я купил пропуск, помогите пожалуйста

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