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JuSt AiM !!2!!2!

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Outro –, surviv, survivio, surviv io

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  1. I learned how to overclock on mobile fr no cap but your a god

  2. Lololol imagine i can do 0,000000000000001 of it whit 99999+ ping, -∞ fps and in a motorola phone

  3. How can I play stretch res in surviv like you used to?

  4. กฤตยชญ์ จงเกียรติชัย says:

    the fuck thing I hate this game 1.player spinning 2.hacker 3.sniper so fucking cheated

  5. hey g0dak why not you make a bounce + offscreen kills montage?

  6. so skillful wow amazing definitely not free

  7. Please my friend don’t hack the game will be dead ☹

  8. You've gotta stop installing viruses on your computer dude 😱😱

  9. This man is crazy. He doesnt even play with an crosshair, has no lag at all and the aim to show how god he is anyways. Great video dude. Sad u didnt include of mobbing razer innit.

  10. id beat you in a 1v1 (if you dont try to win (maybe))

  11. Gimme me ur skills idc about latest shithax

  12. Sorry

    Feier ich nichts leider paar loste clips drin , aber binn selber net besser

  13. you know how you did a door montage? what if you did a

    window shot montage???

  14. Beautiful!! I wonder how many times per game someone reports you, because they really think you are hacking xD.

  15. the only player who can play perfectly while just playing around

  16. 3:19 He flicked the stick so hard there was no need for a shake effect

  17. I cant imagine how many people have reported you because of your skill being to good! Cant wait for next update!

  18. When ur aim so g00d that u dont even need to download original aiMb0t 🕶

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