Asia Clan War League | Intro. -

Asia Clan War League | Intro.

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  1. sao không mời thằng mipu làm thumbnail :))

  2. được em, cũng hơi đầy đủ

  3. Dc nha bro :))))) Lót dép hóng thôi:))))

  4. I was supposed to participate as a main player in KOR team, but missed out to prepare for an important test. I hope it will be a fun league.

  5. Oof. Even in eu there not so many clans. Lemme think: mw, sans, cn, shck, smh, dia (trash), aeo, 2k9, mmmm… All?

  6. [SPAS]lol SAIGA sry I am join in ss2 clan wars says:

    Taiwan team [SPAS]will become 18th team soon ~

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