AWM + Bugle | Bugler Gameplay in 50v50 Mode | -

AWM + Bugle | Bugler Gameplay in 50v50 Mode |

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19th Floor – Bobby Richards
Tak – Bobby Richards
Beyond – Patrick Patrikios
Yah Yah – josh pan


  1. What is your favorite 50v50 role (Reply to this comment)?

  2. 2k sub special will be released on Thursday!

  3. esto es un asalto salúdame o me robo tu canal XDDDDDDDD

  4. Make the boost last longer! And all within the range gets explosive rounds that are weaker….

  5. When I got leader I lagged so hard and previous games I had 0 lag like bruhhhh

  6. how do you get roles so often? i only got 3a role 3 times before and i play every time 50v50 is there.

  7. 7:32 It would also be nice if they made the Bugler surrender and his job to another, letting go of his Bugler and giving the roll of "Bugler" to whoever has it

  8. It’s Sad when you have a awm-s and burger but get another one.

  9. What do you use to screen record? And do you use PC, or IOS?

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