AWM-S GIFT on 50 vs 50 GAMEMODE UPDATE! ( Mega Airdrops, Super Soldiers & Funny Highlights) -

AWM-S GIFT on 50 vs 50 GAMEMODE UPDATE! ( Mega Airdrops, Super Soldiers & Funny Highlights)

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The latest new update is worth the wait as it’s a whole new game mode. In 50 vs 50 on surviv, you now battle it out against the other army on the map, including the team leader which is a super soldier! Along the way you will find new mega airdrops with insane loot and a war like none experienced before!

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  1. My ID is…12312:) Isee you and….I'm Korean

  2. don't remember me the guy who follows you that has a heart emote

  3. When I come out of area 51 with the level 4 and 5 armour 3:40
    Edit: hope I get likes out of this

  4. My name's DeathKiller589 and I've killed ihasyou before in 50 vs 50

  5. ihasyou i actually played a game with you on mobile

  6. Ihasyou deja dejugar esas mierdas de juegos io"

  7. Those 16 dislikes just are jealous that they are not leader!

  8. Hey, Ihasyou, may you wont remember me but I remember you, did you remember does two games with that player called ULTRA_THE_UNFORG, well goes the casuallity that im that player, sooooooooo if you want a game with me, just aks it, ok see ya in survive.
    And dont forget to bring me the SV-98.

  9. iHASYOU I been wondering what do u use to record ur videos?

  10. I got triggered when you didn't go back to finish off the house with like a bazillion guys that were knocked out inside😄😄😄

  11. 1:35 if you see assasin aaron that was my old account name now its [IHY] Phoenix

  12. Ставь лайк, чтобы другие подумали что я что То умное написал

  13. 0:58 I am from Czech republick and when theo (he is czech) is your friend you are czech too or not ?

  14. Go watch TJH gaming we post survival io too.

  15. omg in your video is my neibhourd czechia i from slovakia

  16. Can you give any skin from your loadout for 90 gp please i dont have any skin☹️

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