AWM-S + MINIGUN from EYE CRATE! | Eye Crate Only Challenge | -

AWM-S + MINIGUN from EYE CRATE! | Eye Crate Only Challenge |

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In this video, I got AWM-S, Mini-gun, and M4A1-S while doing eyecrate only challenge! Add me on discord: IHASPROS#1500

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:04 AWM from Eyecrate + 14 kills
3:02 Mini-gun from Eyecrate
5:20 Third game with M4A1-S
7:10 Melee only
8:02 Have a nice day!

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  1. Hello, I play surviv and my In game name is Sup, maybe you know me. You should try Pistols only challenge. That would be cool 😀

  2. You know its serious when he all of a sudden awakens his true potential after finding the AWM-S

  3. Its called eye crate only challenge but you were getting stuff from things other than eye crates.

  4. no im 100 who cares
    no one thats who
    P.S. I think thats actually really lucky
    pin pls <3

  5. Can you tell me how to change the 8x scope to 4x scope

  6. i sometimes rly wanna just spam the minignun Xd

  7. 0:28 ya see that other guy right there? i think he is hacking with aimbot

  8. you literally using scopes not from crates

  9. I found out this mans hacking 1:07 only hackers can automatically pick stuff up and whyd he want the purple m9 not from eye crate he for got to turn off autoloot as a hacker

  10. do u wanna keep killing hackers video?

  11. did anyone here got m79 and naginata from dojo? because i got it somehow


  13. last time I won when my enemy is holding m134 and I am holding dual m9 and m1000

  14. احمد و حنان جنان في جنان says:

    surviv io👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😉😊☺

  15. the video should called "weapon from eyecrate only challenge"

  16. the password of the saloon house: red, orange, blue, purple, pink

  17. I got these guns in classic mode even m249mpkpcheng.

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