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[Battledudesio] Most *OVERPOWERED* GUN in the GAME

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About | Battledudes.io is a real multiplayer 2d shooter game with a fully destructible map, where you fight other teams and players for the victory! The game has multiple distinct maps and multiple gamemodes for you to choose from, with many map and gamemode combinations. To aid you in fighting the enemies at your arsenal you have over 20 different weapons that you can unlock by playing the game and gaining XP s.
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Music supplied by | Kevin macleod
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  1. 0:11 i agree, m249 is too overpowered + ultra gay + my painis disapproves

  2. I don’t know but the invite doesn’t work

  3. M2 is cringe and weird but somehow it's like 1% good

  4. Because of you ILOVEZCATS I now know how to use Heavy Sniper and I'm good at it now 🙂 meow~ to you

  5. Umm I think it's for super noob no for ilovecats 🐈🐈

  6. WHYYY this gun is a spaming gun whyyy did they have to add it it jest is a unfair gun like sward off with 2x lol

  7. i love you video how my name is different your name. XD 3000

  8. Bro iam playing this game with addiction 😁
    You know. Name salu .

  9. How did you kill that shotgunner at 1:08 ?! Shotgun is OP at near range

  10. 0:41 I hear this sound lots of times on my labtop (i wrote this on it because its my best item to record videos and upload)
    1:20 I hear this sound lots of times too (because i have that phone)

  11. Honestly the famas can get even worse especially with the new update and the lower bullet speed of the M249 with the insane recoil and spread after prolonged fire. This honestly doesn’t make it as gay as one might think as simply keeping range with AK-47 beats it. Not really the same story with the FAMAS though.

  12. i gameplay battle dudes im in level 203


  14. I hate M242
    Sucks so much
    I like auto shotgun + deag combo

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