Beating *All KOREAN Pros* | Pro 1v1 Montage | Surviv io -

Beating *All KOREAN Pros* | Pro 1v1 Montage | Surviv io

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I’m late
This is the epic one I said last video
These clips are at least 4 months old
Yeah I know it is showing off and all of my enemies are better than me or similar
And most of them are too rusty
I only put the clips where I won, but they beat me countless times, especially Serin, Miracle and Rain
I would like to thank them for their respect and appreciation

Clips in the video were recorded from January to March

– Thumbnail: GALBI MANDU (Leader)
Pls subscribe to him! His videos are so amazing

– Music used in this Video:

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  1. No Rui No KyromixX 😭😭😭Rain is the best 🙃

  2. OMG super clean gameplay ! very beatiful game etc gg !

  3. 우 와 정 말 고 수 다 내 가 특 별 히 좋 아 요 와 구 독 버 튼 을 눌 러 드 리 죠

  4. Where KyromixX OMG NO WAY IS HE UNDEFEATABLE 😵😱😨😓🥶

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