BEST Equipment in Tier List - ALL Equipment RANKED! -

BEST Equipment in Tier List – ALL Equipment RANKED!

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Today we are going to rank every piece of equipment including weapons, necklaces, gloves, armor, belts, and boots on a tier list from best to worst! Well, this #survivorio tier list is a little different! We are going to review a tier list made by Discord members and Russ!

0:00 Intro
0:29 Weapons Tier List
2:32 Necklace Tier List
4:51 Gloves Tier List
6:35 Armor Tier List
8:33 Belt Tier List
11:10 Boots Tier List
13:44 Outro

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  2. Id say that all of the weapons are pretty well made, but revolver is just not it imo

  3. Idk if its just me but, phasecast said that the sheild you get when your low is triggered by eternal belt. If im not wrong when taking fatal dmg there is a DNA evolution skill that gives you that effect. The eternal belt give you like a golden fire that surrounds you rather than a sheild.

  4. I disagree with waist sensor being at c tier, -20% is really good

  5. I feel like the Leather Gloves are gonne be insane when king comes out

  6. I want a void power but I am free to play and cannot pass chapter 20 😭😭😭

  7. Fingerless gloves are really doable?? Imean only 1% chances

  8. Impressive editing, as always. 🙂 Tiers…

  9. unpopular opinion but i like the radiation necklace, makes me able to do a lot of the challenges by going afk

  10. I wish they would take out the movement speed cap, too many modifiers add movement speed and I want the void boots to feel like they're making a noticeable difference . I also think the voidpower is better than the lightchaser even with using Tsukuyomi and her upgraded abilities. I tried clearing ch 84 with it and made it until the last wave when the pigs swarm and it just couldn't kill them. Switched to the void and it just kept me safe and was able to beat that and the next ch without dying.

  11. Why not get the voidwaker chest red? You have enough what’s stopping you, would be great to see how good it is

  12. is this valid for epic grade equipment too?

  13. Every weapon has a meaning in the game except revolver…

  14. Thanks for entertaining content! My opinion on the Army belt differs wildly cause its extreemly useful on bossfights/elites cause you take intentional damage to break the shield and with that 100% AP buff along with maxed cooldowns the elite/boss just melts away extremly fast and the shield gets refreshed on boss kill so you wont loose it eather ^^ imo its S tier for sure. even better than Eternal belt atleast.

  15. voidwaker sash red tier sounds like the BEST item in the game, period.

  16. Rn I got a purple revolver and I really like it because a fully evolved revolver does so much damage to bosses

  17. The leather belt is misunderstood. Once you eat 6 hams you now have 30% increased speed and healing which stays all game, not just for a brief moment when eating. Goes fantastic with the katana.

  18. Ooh, you're really harsh on the Waist Sensor. I'm nowhere near the endgame but I've been using it (managed to get the final Red-tier version). I ranked it higher than the rest of the belts because the effects for the others only last like a couple of seconds, and so i felt they weren't so worth it.

  19. the leather gloves now should be A tier due to the new hero king if u max out his crit chance most of the time u will hit crits so every monster gets bleed

  20. Dang and I thought that I was doing good I just got a purple baseball bat and I have been playing for around 10 days

  21. What would you rank the A tiered belts in order? Debating on going red stylish belt or focusing eternal belt

  22. Protective gloves + emerald pendant let me afk chapters 40-52 for the most part. I dont get why theyre so low, add the critrate passive of king and you dissolve mobs easily

  23. I think shiny wrist guards are A tier or even S tier they make everything easier

  24. shotgun is the best when maxed i fuck bosses up

  25. Army belt shoud be rank A or S. It can kill most boses just few seconds.
    Combined it with kunai and destroyer.

  26. Hey Phasecast, which S gloves seems to be better, I don't really know but I'm a f2p so I don't think that I will get any of them to red rank so pls answer I wanna know 😊

  27. Can somebody explain to me something? I should have -90% damage reduction based on my gear (epic waist sensor, epic light runners) -40% plus the -50% armor that makes total of -90% damage reduction. However it seems that i still receive as much damage as before even after i get hit and below 50% hp to activate the damage reduction.

  28. I had no idea I was using the worst gear my whole set is all the radiation ring things I have it all level 3 epic with the s grade eternal belt instead of the one that gives radiation and I thought it kicked ass if you haven't put them all together u should try it out I'm basically surrounded by radiation rings and combine with defenders you can't be touched

  29. Wait so if I chose the battery healing thingy first with metal neck guard every five seconds if I max it out I have 35 hp per 5 seconds? Put it in s tier

  30. Void Power at Legend: Black holes explode after a while
    Lightchaser at Legend: "Slay all…"

  31. Shiny wristguard is NOT C tier, that thing empties the screen the second you hit a single enemy

  32. Regarding fingerless gloves i think it is really not well explained. it says ''1% chance to instakill non-boss monsters''. The % isnt explained when it occurs. I mean, does it mean every monster when appears in your line of site has 1% chance to die? does it mean that every time you hit a monster it has 1% chance to instantly die? does it mean that every second that passes there is 1% chance for a monster to die? i think survivor io should make a list in their site for higher and deeper explanation regarding a lot of issues for not well written/explained spells/abilities etc.
    Percentages usually goes like that ''1% every time you hit a monster to deal double damage". The percentage here is absulutelly explained.
    But here "5% chance to heal yourself for 20% health" this is bad explained. It should say something like "5% chance to heal yourself for 20% health EVERY TIME you take dmg"
    What do you think?

  33. Where do you think the Sword of Disorder would be on this list?

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