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Best Equipment & Skill Combos (

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These are my favorite builds (Loadouts) in #Survivorio. These are the best pieces of equipment, tech parts, and skills I use to reach the maximum cooldown and attack boost!

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  1. How tf do you combine the drones whatWhen I get the black drone to 5 starts it just disappears

  2. How many prediction points from the World Cup do you all guys have of right now? 😅

  3. I use kunai and fingerless glove the rest is eternal equipments

  4. I like the radiation set because it is good with attack how it is able to set out radiation rings in a certain area of monsters and also how it defends you in your area and also my weapons are the kunai the light chaser I think it is and also I haven't been able to try it but it does seem pretty cool I can't be able to try it because I don't have it yet the void gun and thank you for details on this game it's been really fun and please keep doing what you're doing thank you

  5. If we ever could I would like to talk about the game more so if you ever want if you have snapped or something I could add you and we could talk cuz this game is really fun as I said my favorite set is the radiation set

  6. i just need 2 more purple boots then i have the lightchaser and the rest of the S equipment (except im using stylish belt) at red+1 quality. my tech parts are way behind yours though. havent spend anything on them and im lazy so i usually just do the first run of the daily challenge to get the chests xD

  7. 1) Does ammo thurster affect normal attack? (Kunai, LC, Bat, shotgun )
    2) Does ammo thruster affect drones attack speed?
    3) Does energy cube affect ALL types of attacks CD? (Normal attack and skills cd)

    I am running LC , most of the games i choose Lightning, Drones, RPG, Soccer ball, bricks.
    Upgrades: Hi power bullet, Ammo Thurster, Energy Cube, Sport shoes, Ronin, HE FUEL. is there any way i can improve my DPS ?

  8. Stuck on level 46…. Got all Level 3 yellow S-Grade gear and 5 Purple lvl2 parts, and one yellow part… but those freaking blue fire breathing dragons still die so slow!!! Nearly 12k ATK.. is that not enough for lvl 46? I took a break from playing for awhile and just gathered up the patrols to level up and then I breezed through a few levels but so stuck here. Tried lightchaser and void and can't kill those blues at around 13 min mark fast enough. Tips?

  9. I hope they release the tech part for landmine alrdy

  10. Sick setup bro. May I know how much have you spent on the game to get all those gear?

  11. how do you have so many coins?? like 36Million in coins!!

  12. I have all legendary s grade +1 except the gloves (which i havent pulled a single one yet lol) and am running the fingerless gloves legendary +1. Atk is over 20k and hp is just under 90k. I do like the trendy charm build i had a legendary one but sacrificed it to my eternal necklace. Atk ftw!

  13. I really think that the next update in survivor should allow trades. Like maybe if you have 3 kunais you can trade them for a bat. Or if you have 10 excellent equipment you can trade them for an S grade item etc

  14. what is the maximum cooldown skill, can it be up to 100%?

  15. Why don't you replace the Durian tech part with the rocket one? It makes the CD build even more viable. Spamming rockets and fire deals insane amounts of damage. No need for guardian anymore.

  16. I’m coming up on level 50 now and about chapter 20. I’m finding that the Molotov and related skills get me killed as it’s harder to see projectiles like those pink things bouncing everywhere

  17. Excellent carapace or excellent protective suit

  18. Void gun and shotgun are my favorite ones

  19. Does the merge all button on equipment merge all excellent gear? Or only whites, greens and blues?

  20. Bro I'm sorry but your literally by yourself wearing a mask…..what's the point? It muffles your voice

  21. Why are you wearing a mask in your own house 😐

  22. Why are you wearing a mask??? You're by yourself. Grow up.

  23. Team Lightchaser
    Eternal Light
    Whistling Arrow for anti-boss purposes
    Caltrops for minor AoE dps and extra passive slot
    Sharkmaw Gun for anti-boss purposes and extra passive slot
    Destroyer main for anti-boss purposes and extra passive slot
    Either of the 2 for final skill:
    Force Barrier for steady AoE dps
    1-ton Iron for AoE burst damage

    +DMG dealt
    -DMG taken
    +Max HP
    +Projectile size
    +Projectile speed
    HP regen

    Team Void Power
    Gloom Nova
    Supercell for anti-boss purposes, AoE dmg and extra passive slot
    Death Ray for semi anti-boss purposes and AoE dmg and extra passive slot
    Quantum Ball for total AoE dmg and anti-boss purposes
    Defender for knockback and extra passive slot
    Either of the 2 for final skill:
    Magnetic Rebounder/Fuel Barrel both for AoE dmg

    +DMG dealt
    +Skill duration
    +Projectile speed
    +Movement speed
    CD reduction
    +Loot range/+Gold gain

  24. Confused why you're wearing a mask when its muffling your voice and you're literally at home by yourself……

  25. Have been playing for 27 day and manage to pass one level a day as well. So im at chapter 27 now which is seems good.

    I only have 2 main weapon for situasional chapter. Kunai and void. And they 2 are having planned solid skill set i mafe myself. And it worked so well!!! I can pass 1 chapter everyday lol

  26. Damn… I just sacrificed my Metal neckguards to upgrade my Trendy one… oh well. Why are you wearing a mask when you are by yourself in your own home? I'm not anti-mask, just wondering…

  27. Help! I got epic (gold) stylish belt vs excellent (purple) eternal belt S. Which one y'all think I should use?

  28. I am a f2p player and currently at stage 20, since cat nips came out I switched to a healing build which actually works very well, I have the epic shotgun, Excellent eternal necklace, epic light runners, the stars of this build are excellent travelers jacket and broad waistgaurd, it damages mobs based on how much you heal for every healing cycle and the damage is pretty darn good, specially when you match it with energy drink and fitness guide and with the 50% dmg reduction from the body armor, I am pretty much invincible at the stages I'm playing, for skills I pick soccer, type a and b drones, the media drones, force field and if I could choose more by combining the drones, I'll pick laser and brick, and I have the respective epic gadgets for each, I sometimes swap out the shiny wristgaurd for a pair of epic army gloves for hard bosses but the explosion damage really helps in addition to the damage waves you give while healing with the media drone, I also swap the chest piece for a epic full metal suit on harder levels for that extra revive but over all I really love catnips, I named mine Albert

  29. Would have been better if you showed it in action.

  30. would like to ask what's the maximum merging level for a legendary item? I saw your red items having a number below

  31. Why is he wearing a mask alone in his room? Does he not want to like fully reveal his face?

  32. Just a tip if u r losing to blitz swarm surrounding you, soccer ball with Evo and cd reduction Is a really good counter

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