Best Legendary Weapon in | Legendary VOID POWER is TOP Now? -

Best Legendary Weapon in | Legendary VOID POWER is TOP Now?

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Legendary Kunai
0:55 Legendary Revolver
1:18 Legendary Katana
1:45 Legendary Shotgun
1:56 Legendary Basketball Bat
2:21 Legendary Lightchaser
2:36 Legendary Void Power
2:58 Conclusion about each weapon
4:30 Which weapon is better to make Legendary
4:44 Thanks for Watching)))

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  1. what I'm seeing for kunai it does split but all 3 hits the mob it hits. So it should shred the boss even faster taking 3x more damage.

  2. Revolver aoe increases with HE fuel. Light chaser legendary got buffed. The radius is much larger now.

  3. I’m so sums I spend 20 dollars in survivor io on a chest and I didn’t get light sabber im dumb i shorld have just spend it on Roblox

  4. ты зае**л на англ делать. мне как обычному селюку приходится смотреть через яндекс перевод(( но вобще инфа збс

  5. Are you going to make a video of which mine is better?

  6. Baseball bat with HE fuel And cool down are op

  7. Is it still possible to get the Void wepon? At the start there where boxes to open extra for the wepon but know only the normal boxes are remain and i can’t draw any void wepon until now.

    Good video by the way!

  8. I personally use kunai because of auto-aim.

  9. Well, it’s gonna be a while before I get my bat to red tier

  10. It's hard to understand your english bro sorry

  11. чому не державною?

  12. I don't think you have any of these legend weapons

  13. I honestly don’t know whether I should continue to use my void power or go ahead and use the lightchaser. Any ideas?

  14. How do you beat lvl 58 with void power? I just can't freaking do it even with a red void power.

  15. I actually got the void during Christmas event. Just wasting away gems like my usual self and I didn’t even know I got it till I went back to my supply’s.

  16. The current update literally tells players you have wasted all your money before lowering a lot probability to get what I want! 😂

  17. I just grinded for a gold Kunai but I can unlock a void power from the valentines event. Should I get the new weapon or keep my Kunai????

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