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Comeback with a limited time
I’m preparing for my exam… so don’t ask why I not post any video for a long time
My facebook: ?…
My discord: VNBPM on YT#0454

If have any error, comment in below
Have fun with this mods…
Songs used:
1. Nightcore – Where We Started (Lost Sky ft. Jex)

2. Distrion & Electro-Light – Rubik [NCS Release]

3. Nightcore – Say Goodbye (Unknown Brain ft. Marvin Divine)

Link to the hacks:

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  1. Lol i have 25 kills bcs of this hack, tks a lot, officially this hack and my skill mix together create an unlimited power haha

  2. Bạn ơi mình thấy cái 3.0.10 còn ngon hơn cái 2.0 nhưng cái 3.0 sài trên win 7 bất tiện vl lần 1 vô ko đc giống bạn nhưng lần 2 vô chơi thấy màn hình xanh lá lần 3 làm lại thì Play đc cứ ngày nào thoát ra 3 lần cực vl ngược lại mượn win10 nhà hàng xóm Play ko cần Restart mà play ko giật lag cái bản này chỉ xài win nào mạnh thì đc nhưng win 7 mình yếu thì chịu 😢😢😢😢😢
    Bạn win 7 mà nâng win10 thì cũng đỡ

  3. hacks more?? = uploading more hacker kill compilation 🔥🐏🤩

  4. It works well for me in the first 2 days but on the third day the game would not load, it would enter me but it stayed like this on a green screen and I could not do anything, I restarted it, I downloaded it again and nothing

  5. Bạn ơi sao mình chơi được 1 ngày thì Binh thường nhưng hôm sau nó hiện màn hình xanh mà xoá di tải lại vẫn vậy là sao á ?

  6. YO BRO can u please tell me how to fix green screen?

  7. Dude!! It works so good✨✨✨I got my very first 20 kills!!! Holy crap I luv the melee chasing

  8. wow, hacking the dead game is good idea, so kongregate can finally sell the game

    jk, its a bad idea and dont think you guys hack this deadly io game

  9. :0 btw hack in a ded game = worst Idea ever

  10. We're gonna destroy you all in game. You can't do anything against real good players.

  11. man just get fkn good, no need for hacks or cheats, Also kongregate company has done many terrible things so please dont let kongregate messing the messes up again

  12. Tho just come 1v1 me im sure that ill rekt you easily you noob aimbot


  13. more cheaters= more killing aimbots parts for youtube😈

  14. I still prefer using the old version because this version is kind of easy to tackle

  15. We have so many things in common. I use dark mode extension. And I use windows 7. If you answer my question I will sub to you:

    Does it it lagg when go into bunkers or stuff like that? If not, how do I fix it?

  16. Wait ur hacking not for fun. Because ur noob and dont know how to play this game many yts and u one of them nab hacks

  17. i would ask to 1v1 for free clips but ur gonna say smth like "0mG i hAv3 n0 tiMe f0r NUBBERS lIKE YOU" because thats what you apparently do in the comments
    ur just michal but so much worse :joy:

  18. Bạn làm video hướng dẫn tải epic hack đi ))

  19. U hit more views when u are hacking, but i am surely if u don't hack, u will get much more views 🔥😎🤔

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