BEST & WORST Evo Skills in Tier List - EVERY SKILL RANKED! -

BEST & WORST Evo Skills in Tier List – EVERY SKILL RANKED!

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Today we will rank every single skill, including exclusive hero skills like the medi-drone and every weapon skill in #Survivorio on a tier list from best to worst. Rest assured these are our own rankings, we own 3-star heroes to be able to rank these skills, as well as legendary tech parts.

BEST Equipment in Tier List – ALL Equipment RANKED!:

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  1. Great chart as always most of the stuff I know about this game is from this channel appreciate the guides

  2. How about a challenge video where you clear a stage using only area skills (radar, Molotov, guardian, etc) or a set of equipment (like everything is shiny instead of eternals)

  3. Actually you are wrong about the force barrier, it doesn't push the ennemies (it did for you because you had the defender) but it slows them down a lot (doesn't work for elites and bosses, it only slows the normal ennemies)

  4. Quantum ball is good but the road to it is tough, at least for me. Foot ball by themselves doesn’t do much damage😅

  5. I think for a starter the guardian and the barrier are the best because the guardian knock back are the best and the barrier slow down and damg in my Tier I would rank them differently but ur also good so good job Phase 👍

  6. "That's to signify their dominance." 😆 Cool, though. I like various shades of a tier.

  7. Should i buy cat nips with 6000 gems or just buy gear with it which is better in your opinion

  8. Since napalm contracts whwn it evos i never evo it anymore. Seem to get a wider sprrad yhat way

  9. I would put fuel barrel in S tier because it has the highest damage potential and deals more damage against larger mobs, in my experience. It always deals more damage than any other upgrade of mine if there are a lot of enemies.

  10. i wonder tsukiyomi, lunar eternity, lunar frost is not in my game. I have watch many youtuber play and have it but how to get that? I thought that i have to download a fake game, if it right i would like to delete game by the way my level is 70 lol. is that a red equipment? and a circle with radion around the player.

  11. Force Barrier/ Soccer/ and 2 drone combine absolutely at S tier. The fuel barrel in some situation is not good like force barrier, when the minion at begin came up.
    Drone is best for boss absolutely even than kunai , guardian soccer and the other maybe good at minion

  12. Which is better?
    An advanced forcefield which causes deadly radiation to enemies around it


    A ball.

  13. Your game is completely different from mine in terms of skills and visuals.


  15. Why don't you try Vampire Survivors Instead?

  16. Interesting take on the magnetic rebounder, I actually tested it quite a few times facing mobs and it was usually the highest or second highest in terms of damage dealt. Btw I don't see the shuriken here?

  17. I'm playing with no red or yellow. Quantum ball is my savior. Always out does every other skill on any map style. Even the destroyer does less damage than it and I use max weapon range(50%) with it.

  18. Mean while the weapon evo (eternal light, lucille, etc.)

  19. When I’m on big maps like lvl 19 and there’s a lot of mobs and the fuel barrel helps me the most

  20. Force barller just slow down zombies so it only gives you time to kill them

  21. There is a great Evo combo use Evo molotov Evo guardian and finally force barrier

  22. Can you make a city mega challenge build/guide vid

  23. my skills are the guardian (for enemy projectiles they literally can’t hit you) the gas can, soccer ball, destroyer, and either the brick or the drill and my weapon choice is the one that shoots the black holes everything else is garbage besides the laser thing. it’s okay i only pick it if it’s the only thing i can pick

  24. I feel like some of these should be lower or higher just based on what map types they work well on. the quantum ball for example isn't anywhere near as good on fields as it is in rooms or even roads. having those extra walls to bounce off of makes them go absolutely ballistic. But the fact that they still do work alright in fields is an extra point in their favor, just for versatilities sake alone. as a crowd control tool its one of the best in the game imo.
    also the Destroyer Drone is useless on roads without a tech part

  25. What is this based on ? Lol the 1ton iron does most dmg but isn’t S-tier?
    The destroyer is ass and quantum balls do knock back

  26. Just got the vp today from a pick a s tier weapon any thing I should know about it, thinking about it using it as my main

  27. If you are going to put things in between tiers, why not just create more tiers?

  28. I always use the guardian, force field, the 2 fused drones, rpg thing, and the moltove

  29. I see that most ppl are totally oblivious on how OP the Whistling arrow is. Maybe actually check the dmg statistic while you are in-game there hasn't been a single time where Whistling arrow is not top 2.

  30. Laser launcher is insane bro at LEAST A-Tier

  31. Works fickogn game I’ve ever played 0/10

  32. ℝ𝕪𝕥𝕙 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕒𝕝 𝕔𝕣𝕠𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕘 says:


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