BEST & WORST Evo Skills in Tier List - EVERY SKILL RANKED! -

BEST & WORST Evo Skills in Tier List – EVERY SKILL RANKED!

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Today we will rank every single skill, including exclusive hero skills like the medi-drone and every weapon skill in #Survivorio on a tier list from best to worst. Rest assured these are our own rankings, we own 3-star heroes to be able to rank these skills, as well as legendary tech parts.

BEST Equipment in Tier List – ALL Equipment RANKED!:

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  1. Force barrier should at least be an A it is godly when paired with a magnet and defender

  2. I feel like force barrier should be higher. Maybe cause I suck, idk I think it is useful earlygame, when I have trash weapons

  3. nahh the best weapon is croaky he is always first on my damage dealers


  5. they needa just get rid of the boomerang and add a different weapon

  6. I’m new and how do you get more weapons other then the default ones, is it just by crates in shop

  7. How come I haven’t seen some of those weapons on the game

  8. As one of the 2 forcefield users (currently at area 2) i use the destroyerdrone, forcefield, rocket, guardian, molotov and kunai (Beginner moment) i get all the evolutiojs then damage usign the empty space if possible

  9. All Knockback:
    Force Barrier
    Laser Launcher (can slow if you have annihilator tech part for the laser launched 3:33, no kb tho)
    Lunar Frost (slow, no kb)

    Hi, I made this list cuz im personally sort of struggling on the festive challenge where you can't deal damage to enemies so im trying to figure out which skills I should have for the challenge

  10. Force barrier are defender go so well together, because force barrier slows things down and defender deals lots of damage to what it’s hitting and knocks them back so if you get both early you can kinda just sit there Also destroyer in S? It takes so much dedication to get cuz it takes up 2 weapon slots

  11. I just started playing the game and I think the drones kinda suck. Although I don't have all these skills unlocked yet, the liking of the skills mostly depends on your style of gaming I guess.

  12. As a person who is still on chapter 8 at this moment, the whistling wind should be s tier along with the quantum ball. Both of them are insane mob killers evo and normal, but they also perform greatly against bosses. In particular the whistling wind is always 2nd For my highest damage scoreboard(2nd cuz it can never surpass spirit shuriken) and quantum ball is also very useful. Their supply isn’t near useless when it comes to offensive aswell. If s tier is too farfetched then in the middle of s and a. Forcefield can also perform very well, if you don’t have the red tech part for the guardian then depending on the situation the forcefield may be better. I say this because the domain version can help you protect yourself against enemy’s efficiently. It sort of repels the enemy’s or slow them down while also doing quite the decent amount of damage. The force field can be really op in early game aswell, before the first boss it can one shot all enemy’s once you just go up to them and you can collect the crystals along the way(unless you have a hp magnet, it won’t work on enemy’s that summon poison pools upon death). Now if you are afk and a mini boss for example goes past your defender, then the defender job is finished and then you need to rely on anything else, while the force field slows down the enemies and still deals damage after the first layer. The defender of course does an extreme more amount of damage yet I believe the force field has potential to be a tier

  13. Whistling arrow is S class weapon. This is best weapon againt boss.

  14. Defender is the worst in the game it does about 4 percent damage on a game

  15. Ngl sharkmaw gun isn’t that good cause it would miss some times also I got a thing that would make zombies deseinagrate idk what it was it would do it to hordes

  16. I disagree heavily with bros opinions in all of his ranking videos.

  17. See how the fire mine is standing above the lightning mine? Sheer dominance!

  18. Forcefield + defender + field barrel = god

  19. How is the radiation low tier but Molotov high tier? They’re the same thing and put together is OP

  20. I would like a tier list without using tech parts (as I'm new and don't having those)

  21. I thought I was doing good at this game but this just showed me different 😢😢

  22. Just wanted to point this out, the whistling arrow automatically targets and goes after enemies, and if there only one enemy, the whistling arrow will just spin in a circle on the enemy.

  23. The drones don’t deserve S tier. Being the boss deleter is good but it doesn’t do anything else, it is trash against regular mobs. I would rank it between A and B tier.

  24. The destroyer is always going to be S teir 😂

  25. Doesn't the force barrier also slow down monsters?

  26. Can you make a video on how to farm tech parts 😢 😊

  27. Make a ranking video on best boss killers all skills and weapons, evolved and unevolved

  28. Anyone else having trouble evolving weapons in Enders echo? I’ll have the passive skill to do it and will go 15 levels sometimes without the evolved weapon coming up to select

  29. I think the fuel barrel is c tier. That damn thing makes it hard to see boss AOE area damage

  30. I've been playing this game alot, and thus watching alot of these videos. Short sweet and too the point, nice. I would like a video about a good method for farming gold and monsters and all that. See what improvments I can make on my own F2P grind.

  31. Lunar eternity is just bat omg the developer is so lazy

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