BEST & WORST Evo Skills in Tier List - EVERY SKILL RANKED! -

BEST & WORST Evo Skills in Tier List – EVERY SKILL RANKED!

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Today we will rank every single skill, including exclusive hero skills like the medi-drone and every weapon skill in #Survivorio on a tier list from best to worst. Rest assured these are our own rankings, we own 3-star heroes to be able to rank these skills, as well as legendary tech parts.

BEST Equipment in Tier List – ALL Equipment RANKED!:

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  1. The force field is very good at the begining of the Game

  2. hello what is the song name at the introducing video??

  3. Evo boomering with 5 right passive skills is always dealing 90%+ dmg its S++ tier you just dont know combos

  4. For Fuel Barrel I recommend HE Fuel the range will expand

  5. I’m new to this game and just joined today. The best I got is 11 minutes on chapter one


  7. When I use the drones my drone doesn’t aim how do I fix that

  8. How did you get so many Drones ,

    I only seen A type , B Type and And both combined.

    Only 3 types of drone how do I get the other type of drones ?

  9. i never encounter thunder and inferno bomb

  10. When you put force barrier in c I instantly clicked off

  11. force filed is good eco bro it literally slows them and deals decent damage

  12. the defender is only good until you get evo'd vp. i never get defender, and molotov and defender is weak against bosses, mobs don't matter at all if you have evo'd vp

  13. Best evo is the shuriken. I know it requires the Kunai Equipt and a horrible passive skill to evolve, but its so OP

  14. You know the drones have to be in s tier

  15. I have no idea what most of these weapons are

  16. Pffft you need a custom tier list from S – A to Z 😀

  17. Join “Crimson Rooster” Clan. Super active several clan perks unlocked. I am level 81 full legend. Level 30+ join for free clan benefits!

  18. Any tips for someone at stage 20? Attack is 3966 (quite low) and HP is 16222

  19. Super Cell and Fuel Barell with Kings crit skill make them S tier in my opinion.

  20. The light chaser should be asked here😊😊

  21. i try to always use guardian forcefield fuel barrow then whistling arrow then durian

  22. Force Barrier (garlic) is one of my favorite weapons. Early game clutch. It does fall off late round though.

  23. Bro force sheild is on of the best mid and early game it instants kill mobs and knocks them back underrated

  24. If you're a beginner the force shield is great and needed. I can see how it may not be needed in the future because your weapons can give you shields

  25. I never max out the whistling wind. I find level 5 with 4 darts is a lot more effective than when it's maxed.

  26. How to use the destroyer without catnip or you can’t?

  27. Force barrier deserves more cred. Allows me to go afk, but I’m just a level 6…

  28. How do I get the skins and tech parts, is it something to do with chapters bc i chap 5, I also have 30 catnip shards

  29. The Shark Mod Gun should be in A because it creates distance from mobs better than any other ability.

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