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Today we’re going to rank every evolved skill in on a tier list including the pressure forcefield, magnetic rebounder, 1-ton iron, death ray, destroyer, sharkmaw gun, fuel barrel, quantum ball, supercell, and caltrops. How would you rank each evo skill? Leave a comment!



0:00 Intro
0:31 C Tier
1:21 B Tier
3:32 A Tier
4:17 S Tier
5:34 Outro


  1. Im new but As for the destoyer one i once have a destroyer but i only combine it with a lvl 3 drone type a and a lvl 5 drone type b and it work so idk (btw im still on chapter 2 so idk)

  2. The combo I try to get every time is defender forcfeild lightning emitter type a drone and type b drone after I evolve my drones I try to get the rpg

  3. How do I reset? I want to start fresh but even though I logged out my gmail, It still opens with my level8 account

  4. YT is creepy I was just playing Survivor and this just popped in my recommendations

  5. I bet u can't break my record
    My record is fastest time to get defender 1:11

  6. how do you get the durian, i never get it

  7. For me, the game hasn’t updated in like a month

  8. For me, using Baseball Bat with HE fuel, attack cd and the battery upgrade, together with evo force field, defender and whistling arrow. It deals high dmg and a long knockback range with a very low attack cd

  9. I just realized this entire game is stolen and I genuinely feel bad for the og creators

  10. this game is taking over YouTube with ads I hate it

  11. I saw another person make a video on this game, seems popular. nice video 🙂

  12. Another added benefits of the tops, it blocks enemy projectiles fires so really came in handy with zone that have shooting enemy

  13. i think the one ton iron is really strong every time i check my stats it’s usually doing more damage than the other skills other than the supercell

  14. Metal neckguard gives first passive effect +30%. Does anyone knkw what this means?

  15. I think 1 ton iron deserves at least A tier, they’re amazing if you’re completely surrounded because it knocks enemies away and deals a significant amount of damage. It’s definitely not S tier because it’s not amazing against bosses

  16. one ton iron and quantum entanglement should be A or S tier, they do massive damage, more than supercell

  17. If I wanted to survive and try to be untouchable just by standing there.. i go for — force field, barrel, 1 ton, defender, boomerang

    needed that magnet early on so i can harness gems from afar. so when the time comes to just stay in one place, gems are still acquired.

  18. My setup is Kenai, guardian, force field, the big spike ball, gasoline tank, and lightning bolt

  19. The best setup and the one I use is the light chaser, super cell, force barrier, death ray, whistling arrow, defender. Try it out it’s op

  20. Yeah, I've been loving the caltrops. Just following it and staying alive is nice lol

  21. What are those blue waves flying off the guys avatar ? Are they from a skill or a weapon ?

  22. For me the best build is: Katana,Lightning Emitter,Soccer Ball,Drill shot,Brick,
    Why I chosse those weapons? Katana: Life steal,destroy weak projectiles and great area dmg to two side. Lightning Emitter: the best long range option and very high dmg.Also good against bosses. Soccer Ball: Good dmg for early and late game. Drill shot: Low dmg output until last upgrade,high dmg after evolotion,good against anything. Brick:Bad early game dmg and can only give dmg to very narrow area but after evolotion it becames very strong give dmg to 6 sides and knock back which is esential for tank mobs.
    Passives that I use (if I upgrade to 5 stars): +%50armor,+%40 CD,+%50 move speed,+%50 projectile speed, +%100 health,+%50 attack
    Worst skills: 1)Type-A Drone, Type-B Drone: U need to spend 11 lvl to evolve and not worth it.
    2) Guardian: very low dmg and only give dmg to close range.Only good thing about guardian is can protect against weak projectiles.
    3) Boomerang: evolved version is not good as other weapons.
    4)Laser Launcher: very bad attack pattern until evolotion. After evolotion, attack pattern is better but dmg output is low.
    5)Force Field: very good in early game but too low dmg. Useless after early game until evolotion.After evolotion it gives slow to enemies.
    Note: If u have lightchaser,use it instead of katana. You don't need to change this build. Lightchaser is the best option for dmg but it doesn't have life steal.

  23. Never use the one ton or the soccer ball in my life. But I swear they can’t be that good 😅 And the forcefields make you god mode! Good opinion though!

  24. 1 ton iron should be higher it’s always insane when I get it everything gets easier

  25. I would pressure force field should be way higher as it eco skill is nessasary for every game ( the energy drink) and plus it help when have a shit tone aid enemies stacking on u

  26. I personally think the force field is pretty OP

  27. I personally use force field, defender, gas tank, death ray, lightning, and shuriken

  28. For my personal gameplay, I'd put 1Ton Iron and Quantum balls in S tier, the Caltrops in A tier and Defender in B/C tier.

  29. tbh imo forcefield is A tier cos combo with defender oh boii nonstop damage and slow enemies and heals its very nice to have when u a person like me whos bad at dorging large wave of enemies

    also super cell and deathway is another nice combo but one big issue….since big yellow lightning shooting everywhere and big purple death from above beam legits block ya enitre screen and i cant even see where i am XDD also deathway is from big to small but small to big and that is another issue cos u wont hit anyway enemies near u until the beam becomes small

  30. Will you do all equip weapons too like shotgun and throwinf knives?

  31. so guns has no evo skills ?
    also 1 question is the shuriken good ?

  32. I think the quantum ball is underrated. Def think it’s A teir

  33. laser launcher rant:

    idk if it’s just me but the laser launcher SUCKS in my opinion

    “deals high damage”… thing does around 700 damage per hit, not to mention it misses the enemy half the time… I’m better off using boomerang or Drones🤦
    maybe I’m being too harsh, I’m only speaking of a one star laser launcher… maybe it’s better at 5 stars evolved right? NO, it’s now doing a mediocre 3600 damage to enemies with like 8K-24k+ health… death ray is also still mediocre (against crowds atleast) why do the lasers move towards you now? It’s like it thinks your the enemy it’s supposed to killing 💀 And it sucks against bosses… even if you kite the boss into the death ray, the damage isn’t worth it… you probably got hit trying to kite the boss 💀

  34. محتوى جميل جدا ، كانت أغلب التقييمات صحيحه

  35. Man, I must be real early game. I haven't even see the durian

  36. Can you make a tier list of every non-evolved weapon, also one for the supplies items would be nice to see

  37. My tier list:

    S: Caltrops, Defender
    A: Supercell, Whistling Arrow, Fuel Barrel
    B: 1 Ton Iron, Death Ray, Quantum Ball, Force Barrier
    C: Magnetic Rebounder, Sharkmaw Gun, Destroyer

  38. Mu favorite lineup: Defender, Caltrops, Force Barrier, Fuel Barrel, Supercell, And Spirit Shurikan.

  39. Nah the maxed soccer ball melts bosses

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