BEST & WORST GEAR in Tier List -

BEST & WORST GEAR in Tier List

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Today we are going to rank every piece of gear in from worst to best on a tier list! Including chest plates, necklaces, gloves, belts, boots, weapons, and more!



0:00 Intro
0:38 Chestplates Tier List
2:16 Necklaces Tier List
3:45 Gloves Tier List
5:42 Boots Tier List
7:32 Belts Tier List
9:15 All Gear Tier List



  1. Is it just me I don’t see army gloves on the list.

  2. y is it that my eternal necklace does more damage when it attacks weaker mobs but does peanut damage to higher mobs, the complete opposite of its description

  3. The army belt as an epic is prob the best in my opinion

  4. u explained/show nothing u just red what was written there are blind to read for us?

  5. wish you used the images of gear at purple level, the pictures change when it level up and it's impossible to tell which is which after it goes from blue to purple.

  6. I'm on chapter 12 and struggling to choose between leather or shiny gloves 🙃

  7. need captain… what base crit rate?

    and metal neckguard 1st passive +30% means if i pick cd reduction it start at 38% or only 30% of 8%?

  8. is the trendy charm worth making the yellow tier ? i have the resources and a lot more necklaces, i can also make metal neck guard so idk

  9. I feel like you’re underestimating army and radiation. Getting yellow or red army or radiation is definitely easier than the s rank items. You don’t need a full getup of either to get great effects. 2 to 4 army pieces can get you tons of healing, damage, and speed. Obviously some pieces of it are almost worthless and don’t help the rest of the set or have better alternatives like fingerless gloves gives damage to all enemies while army gloves gives just damage for bosses.

  10. I prefer Army Belt over Eternal belt. Only because of the dominator skill.

  11. Im merge eternal suit into the rank C chestplate💀💀💀💀 HWAT HAVE IVE DONE!!!

  12. Should I merge my prosthetic boots to make lvl 1 army boots?

  13. What’s better, the stylish belt or the waist sensor? 🤔

  14. The radiation set isnt actually that bad. Its like a couple different versions of a forcefield without wasting a weapon slot 😊

  15. I'm confused with metal neckguard
    Is it the effect of the skill when it evo?

  16. The Emerald necklace if you can find that with the globe of the same variety you basically just get a force field level for right as you start off

  17. Man I hope you're right. I've been basing my build 100% off this tier list for a while now and I'm almost completely S tier. According to this list, Im 1 piece away from full META equipment, just need to level them and merge.

  18. Broad waistband is actually quite nice- emits pulse when healed(no cd)- pulse blocks bullets- pulse damage is approx 12x healing(Eating meat does like 10k+ damage)

  19. Hmm, don't you ranked Kunai & Bat equal with Lightchaser before? I personally think that Bat is the best weapon tho. So many utility and can wipe out groups of monsters.

  20. I highly disagree with the placement of Katana in B-Tier – Ever since the rebalanced it’s Mechanics and attack projections it’s been nothing but amazing! I have found more success with Katana than everything but the Lightchaser after learning how to properly build and utilize it.

    The Trail of Fire left behind by Eternal Boots when moving can really put some hurt on certain bosses and Most if not all Elites! The Singular Fire damage per proc seems to be pretty mediocre at first glance – but it procs
    Rapidly as long as the enemy is in contact and can be multiplied if you cover a wider area with fire and it comes into contact with larger enemies causing a crazy of number of seperate, rapid, and consistent procs. The more you practice trying to specifically utilize these boots for the Fire Trail Boss/Elite killing potential, the better you will get at it and you should find it’s actually quite Over Powered in most scenerios!

    I recently acquired an Excellent Stylish belt which gives a shield blocking one hit per 200 mobs killed; Do these accumulate? If so it could have potential to be better than my Eternal Belt in niche scenarios…

    Also, I recently pulled Excellent Eternal Gloves from a standard 300 Gem Chest (must be pretty rare) and they’re quite a DPS boost over my previous EX Leather Gloves. Though now that I’ve seen that the Army Gloves offer inspire – +20/50% Damage to Elites and Bosses as long as you don’t get hit; That sounds extremely useful in quite a few chapters as well!

    Last thing I wanted to mention is that I recently and reluctantly merged an Epic Broad Waistguard the other day thinking the Radiation Pulses procced everytime you received any healing would be potentially really awesome with the Katana and it’s consistent healing prowess; Turns out that though it does in fact work well in the sense that you will consistently and Rapidly proc radiation pulses, They just don’t seem to cover a wide enough area nor do enough damage to really be worth sacrificing the Advantages that an Eternal Belt brings – Even if said Eternal Belt is Three Qualities stages lower!..

  21. Should we focus on upgrading gear or upgrading evolution?

  22. Just figured out the new downgrade system looking through my gear from this video thank you

  23. This game really adds Yondu Arrows and Lucille Bat from TWD lol

  24. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Verwohn.Site Brünette und eine anderej Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  25. I like how you put the katana at b but it can heal you also the shotgun on legendary pierces enemies so you take down crowds of zombies fast also the explosion and radiation gloves go great with the reaper or Shirkin

  26. Also love your videos keep up the good work

  27. Could you do an updated merging guide for the new update?

    Also did they really make it so I need two of the same type of S tier gear to upgrade it to Epic or Legend rarity?

    That is actually so dumb…

  28. I was just wondering how I go about getting epic I’ve merged purples together an it just makes a higher level purple please help :)❤

  29. Bro the radiation necklace and boots if you don't have the eternal shit paying money is op. The necklace states it doubles radiation damage, this works on boots gloves as well and if you have gloves it doubles the radiation area try it n see my boy thank me later

  30. so I got excellent +2 prosthetic legs and the eternal boots, whats better? In the game it says the prosthetic legs are better but in the list your saying the eternal boots.

  31. im not sure i agree with the eternal belt over stylish belt. at the very late stages it may be true due to how much additional hp it gives. but the shield from stylish belt is very good. blocks dmg and makes you invincible for 1s. and later during a chapter run youre gonna proc it again immediately after losing the shield. its saved me a ton of times. where the eternal belt is only once a min. i havent played with the eternal belt but on paper it just doesnt seem better to me.

  32. Question, the monthly cards that you can buy in game, are those one time purchases or is it a monthly payment?

  33. Recently started playing what does the little red shirt icons on the weapons mean?

  34. In conclusion use the equipment if it’s eternal

  35. So if I use the Eternal Belt with the Eternal Suit, I get permanent +35% atk and +35% movement speed once I get revived?

  36. this is literally just a vampire survivors rip off but with worse graphics and less creativity

  37. Gold light runners or a normal eternal boots?

  38. WOW, light Runners seems to be better than Eternal Boots.
    The base stat of those 2 boots are that different?

  39. what does the small "S" in the eternal gear mean? does it have to do with upgrades?

  40. Leather gloves works great at epic grade, it's a downgrade of eternal glove, but it's easy as hell to get, should have been A tier imo. I don't know about fingerless gloves tho, so far I don't really need that insta kill yet

  41. are the rarities of these gears shown in the list specific to that rarity?

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