BEST & WORST GEAR in Tier List -

BEST & WORST GEAR in Tier List

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Today we are going to rank every piece of gear in from worst to best on a tier list! Including chest plates, necklaces, gloves, belts, boots, weapons, and more!



0:00 Intro
0:38 Chestplates Tier List
2:16 Necklaces Tier List
3:45 Gloves Tier List
5:42 Boots Tier List
7:32 Belts Tier List
9:15 All Gear Tier List



  1. The tier list is pretty accurate, in my view, shotgun is fucking garbage in the early game, however it feels good when it evolves into the evil version.

  2. Love your contents bro, i wanna ask you something, I'm having hard time to choose between a +2 epic lightchaser or +2 excellent void power, which one do you think is better?

  3. I feel like the radiation gear gets a bad rap. With catnips you can constantly deal damage inside your c-drones healing area.

  4. should you wear eternal even if it’s not same level as some gear you have?

  5. The Emerald necklace if you can find that with the globe of the same variety you basically just get a force field level for right as you start off

  6. Love your videos, watch them right when they get posted, and keep up the good work.

  7. I would put army belt at A tier bc its insane for killing bosses

  8. i think eternal belt shouldnt be above stylish belt. i havent experienced the revival effect yet but i still think stylish belt is better. Eternal belt can only block damage for just 2 seconds/min which is a joke. whereas stylish belt can block once every 200 kills. 200 kills takes a couple seconds to get. In some stages you can get 100k kills. thats 500 shots blocked. even if its just 30k kills which is average, thats still like 125 attacks blocked.

  9. Personally army belt should be A tier i love tge boost you get after being hit and can be used in a variety of situations especially in challenges where you have 2 bosses

  10. I got the eternal suit from the 7 day launch event

  11. HOW are you going to rank the pistol over the shotgun?!

  12. Well, I already expected that S grade equipments are on S tier

  13. Metal neckquard doesnt work. I take ATK at first or last at it doesnt get more. How does it work? Pls answrr

  14. Fun fact: with the shiny if you kill 1 low hp monster in a big group it kills ALL of them.

  15. Just got the eternal suit from a box. 👍

  16. the emerald pendant should be better than eternal necklace bc u can basically cheat in the football fiesta

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