BEST & WORST Passive Skills in TIER LIST -

BEST & WORST Passive Skills in TIER LIST

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In this video, we’ll be ranking and discussing every passive skill in, from the hi-power magnet to the hi-power bullet, on a tier list. By sorting them from worst to best, you’ll learn which skills to prioritize for maximum survival potential. Join us as we explore the strengths and weaknesses of each skill to help you improve your gameplay.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Survivor Instinct
0:43 Sixth Sense
1:04 Sports Shoes
1:20 HE Fuel
1:40 Hi-Power Bullet
1:54 Koga Ninja Scroll
2:13 Exo-Bracer
2:40 Fitness Guide
2:54 Ronin Oyori
3:03 Ammo Thruster
3:16 Energy Cube
3:29 Oil Bond
3:37 Energy Drink
3:54 Hi-Power Magnet
4:09 Passive Skill Tier List

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  1. Does exo-bracer effect to sword of disorder like blackhole with gloom nova?

  2. In my opinion defender/guardian combo with force field is op

  3. ​​@Phasecast can you recommened me what should i get first? I will get the chest from harvest event❤

  4. Can you do an exo-bracer vid? Other than evo the VPW and Guardian, I seriously cannot tell any difference. Seems C tier to me. Shoes are A tier with Void shoes.

  5. Void power can cheese almost all mobs. The best skills are usually boss killers for these levels.

  6. The damage reduction is way better than HP increase at higher percentage. 50% damage reduction is equivalent to 100% HP increase. 90% damage reduction is equivalent to 900% additional HP increase! By the way 90% can be achieved by light runner + 5-star armor + waist sensor. The armor skill has more potentials imo.

  7. HE fuel is about right at A. It does make you hit further but doesn’t make you hit any stronger. But the 2 defensive passives are underrated IMHO. For most people struggling with certain level of main chapters, it is usually the boss that is harder to fight unless using Kunai. As for boss fights, it is a matter of you kill it before it kills you. High power bullet gives 50% boost of damage, but either defensive skill gives double overall toughness. So they are more effective in boss fights and can help you go further in chapters.

  8. I think that magnet 🧲 should be a lot higher it literally makes it so you can get the other skills quicker because you level up quickly and easier

  9. Question, does the Metal Neckguard applies for the crit passive of King? Like, this item gives you 30% in your first passive skill. Does it apply to get 30% crit rate for King's passive?

  10. I always just skipped the XP one, unless I needed it for an Evo, cause I just assumed it meant XP after you ended not biofuel. Well damn. Also kinda love the magnet for vertical stages cause maxed magnet means you can run up the middle and everything is in range. 😀

  11. I only hate lvl up exo bracer for red VP 😂 because it takes longer to explode bubble so with VP i like to get it at the end before last boss so it be only 1lvl

  12. I would love to see a video comparing Vampire Survivors to this game, I believe the tier list whould be really similar with some key differences in Vampire Survivors!

  13. I mean, this isn't the type of game where you get to choose which ones you get, so does this really matter? You're still getting that battery if you want that shield upgrade, so why think about a tier list? 😂

  14. This probably the best game that came out since that stick man game back in 09-12, I miss that game

  15. Does your tier ranking take into account their ability to evolve weapons? Or just the base skill itself?

  16. I used to think the scroll is the best but bc of the video it think its not

  17. Eternal gloves increases your crit rate by 20%, and your crit damage by 20%

  18. The Energy Cube at 5 stars + an epic Trendy Charm will have the Void Power shooting out black holes like a minigun

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