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Welcome to the definitive Pet Tier List! In this exciting episode, we’re dissecting the vast range of pets in and ranking them from the absolute best to the not-so-great. Find out which of these virtual companions can provide you with the competitive edge in your thrilling quests and which ones might not be up to the task.

From the fearsome power of the Tiger to the mystical abilities of the Dragon, we’re leaving no pet unexplored in this comprehensive list. We’ll delve into each pet’s unique skills and abilities, helping you to strategize your gameplay and climb the leaderboards.

Do our rankings align with your experience? Maybe you’ve discovered a hidden gem among the pets that we’ve overlooked? Get in on the conversation and let us know in the comments section!

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  1. My favorite one is karen. Plankton's beautiful computer wife

  2. Legendary rex does 30% damge midagation helps to stay alive on late game content

  3. AiryGliph Open member , server Indonesia, wahai warga konoha 62 gabung sini sekalian ngerumpi

  4. Whats the best pet for giant groups of monsters were you get completely surrounded and overwhelmed I personally use the purple cat

  5. To me Croaky is useless, hes so slow. He never keeps up. Its like having a dead pet all game.. weird review S class Croaky? The only one to stay 2 miles away from player? ….

  6. I have 3 dog purple why I cant evolve to yellow?

  7. I currently had Shelly before I watched the video, so it helped

  8. I think it depends on whether you want the pet to deal a large splash damage to many monsters or high damage to a smaller number of units. For instance, DD-6 in my opinion is the best against bosses due to those triple lasers each dealing 400% damage fired after 1 second cool down. If we imagine it takes a second to fire, then that's 400×3÷2=600% damage per second.

  9. what about assiting pets do they do anything ?

  10. Forgot to mention that croaky's spit stops projectiles

  11. For some reason i got the frog as my favorite and looks like i wasn't so wrong…

  12. which tier would u put gary pet from new event?

  13. If my pet dies in battle, do its passive skills still have effect on me or should I revive first my pet first to regain its passive skills effect on me?

  14. Crabobble- “Bears an unbridled hatred toward its enemies” 😂 buddy has the cutest smile ever 🤣 ain’t no way

  15. Where would Gary go in the tierlist?

  16. Dude how do you get so many pets in such a very short time I spent 80$ on pets an have been grinding pets for a while an only have an epic croaky

  17. Now that Gary is in game can you make another ranked video?

  18. How could you put DD in C tier!? You’re nuts

  19. I personally don't like Gary probably C or B if it was for me or maybe I just don't know yet how to maximize his use. He's a great assist though. Croaky is my favorite and I agree that he is S tier.

  20. Good list! Personally, I’d put Cheshire as ‘A’.

    His CD is 0.5 sec @ 200% attack. Rex’s is 1 sec @ 250% attack.

    Croaky’s range seems far too limited for “S” Tier (imo). Perhaps I haven’t learned how to maneuver him as well.

  21. Left out was the best part of crabobble healing itself so you don’t have to revive them constantly

  22. I kinda wish you had went one step further or dabbled in combinations, like cat has a wide scratch, and you can evolve the HP cat or the skill range cat etc, the pass through cat I feel like really does well at crowd clearing.

  23. What's scary is this popping up days after I played the game…. monitoring is wild

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