BEST & WORST S-Grade Equipment in TIER LIST -

BEST & WORST S-Grade Equipment in TIER LIST

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In this video, we’ll rank all of the S-grade equipment in, including the Lightchaser and highly coveted Void Power on a tier list. Using a comprehensive tier list, we’ll rank each gear item to determine which gear is worth pursuing and which gear you should avoid. So, whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, join us as we uncover the ultimate ranking of S-grade equipment in and take your gameplay to the next level!

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Voidwaker Treads
0:48 Eternal Boots
1:17 Voidwaker Handguards
1:51 Eternal Gloves
2:14 Voidwaker Sash
2:43 Eternal Belt
3:05 Voidwaker Emblem
3:44 Eternal Necklace
4:04 Voidwaker Windbreaker
4:43 Eternal Suit
5:00 Void Power
5:12 Lightchaser
5:31 Lightchaser or Void Power?
5:43 Reranking Voidwaker Handguards
5:54 S-Grade Equipment Tier List

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  1. Can u make another of these or is it still the same now?

  2. Voidwaker windbreaker is better then the eternal suit Explanation:The berserk effect is really helpful in chapters and you can take down bosses easily with it

  3. Which s tier should I get. I can get either a weapon or armor

  4. I like the stylish belt bc the shield has saved my butt many times

  5. Hey cast! Why you stop playing Hunt royale? I had this question long ago but i forgot that your vids are interesting!!!!!

  6. Can u make a video of best gear set for ender echo?

  7. ik you did a tier list of EVO skills, but do you think it would be possible to make a tier list of all the regular skills and supplies? Like the non-evo ones?

  8. Honestly, if you can kill the lizards then the void power carries you all the way and has decent boss damage

  9. I feel like they have to make the 5 seconds with 40% damage boost on the voidwaker emblem stack when you level up multiple times. Rn it makes it feel like picking up magnets are bad cause they waste the damage boost.

  10. The Voidwaker windbreaker is better for long term survival, especially in mega challenge. You can get 3 lives per revive

  11. I’ve got the red voidwalker windbreaker
    I wanna say that in my opinion Berserk was better than revive cuz even though I revive I still can’t beat the boss,But the berserk can let me kill the boss.
    Nice video phase!Keep it on!

  12. I guess those who say that Windbreaker is better than Eternal Suit because of this:

    You can have additional revives and boosts all you want, but if you still end up getting immediately killed then the boosts will be useless.

    Whereas, Windbreaker makes you immune to death for 10 whole seconds and you can even collide with the Boss during that time if you have projectile weapons that are slow.

  13. how do u beat thos fire lizards in chapter 20

  14. I think void gloves should be in a tier its good than other gloves and also the developer should add a better equipment than the both in c tier i dont know name of it

  15. Bro, you speak too fast until I play this video on 0,75× 😅And google translate, Btw I'm from Indonesia!!!😊

  16. The only thing I disagreed with was the eternal gloves being at A tier, but by the end of the video I agreed with absolutely everything on your list!!
    Thanks for making the list, now I can focus on exactly which S grade equipment to get to red grade next!!

  17. I hope the next S grade that they come out with has an actually useful belt

  18. I use the Void suit instead of the Eternal because I have the Void at epic and the Eternal at excellent

  19. how did you get that shadow ring around your survivor that shows its range?

  20. I was gonna say about the eternal gloves before you ultimately moved them, +20% crit rate and 100% crit damage is automatic S tier.

  21. I use the Waist Sensor the most as a belt

  22. Hey Phase can you make a video for tips to farm maximum gold? The pet peddler is draining our bank accounts faster than we can replenish it 😅

  23. Does the voidwalker emblem's berserk for 5 seconds on level up trigger the voidwalker windbreaker extended berserk duration for 10 sec and avoid death?

    If so that could be a mechanic to utilize with playing next to a magnet or stay close to a level to have an immunity during a boss fight?

  24. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. So if you have an S selection chest and no S-gear, what's the thing you should choose first?

  26. I need some advice. I have an S crate to grab whatever thing I want. I already have a purple light chaser and a yellow eternal suit. I don’t know if I should start the process of getting the void power and working that up, making my light chaser epic or getting a turtle suit legend

  27. Honestly a light chaser excellent+2 helped me get through chapters that a epic+3 kunai couldn’t get though.

  28. I have voidwaker windbreaker and eternal suit which is better? And should i combine it?

  29. S tier: void power, lightcahser, eternal suit, voidwaker treads, eternal gloves
    A tier: Eternal boots, woidwaker handguards, eternal necklace, voidwaker sash
    B tier: voidwaker windbreaker, voidwaker emblem
    B- tier: Eternal belt

    Geez, the only reason why we play this game is to have fun (especially the equipment).
    I'd rather use void power because it's are more fun
    I'd rather use void necklace because it's are more fun
    I'd rather use void gloves because it's are more fun
    I'd rather use void suit because it's are more fun
    I'd rather use void belt because it's are more fun
    I'd rather use eternal boots because it's are more fun

  30. I have a yellow voidwaker windbreaker and I honestly think it’s better than eternal

  31. Im not sure which S grade glove to use, i have both at purple grade but i can get another voidwaker glove from the current event to evolve into epic

  32. Totally don't agree with the gloves, i think that instakill below 20% health is way better than 10% crit chance. The voidwaker gloves are just way better and let's also not forget the 50% damage buff to bosses. For me the voidwaker gloves are an automatic S Tier.

  33. Please do this again when the chaos equipment comes out.

  34. Sitting on 5 S chests from the latest event. Which gear should I get predator first? I'm thinking Eternal gloves. The crit looks amazing

  35. Make a few ranking video since new S tier equipment is out

  36. now that chaos set and astral forge is out, would you redo this tier list including the chaos set and all s grade astral forge effects?

  37. Thx for the tio tgis is realy ganna help me out

  38. I’d say the the voidwaker windbreaker is better now due to the astral forge giving you a re berserk

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