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Let’s rank every piece of new S-grade Voidwaker equipment in #survivorio with existing s-grade Eternal gear too see which one is better!

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  1. What should I choose from the eternal crate lightsaber of necklace is don't have a good necklace but I have a kunai and void power

  2. Thank you! I was hoping someone would compare them so i could know which one to upgrade.

  3. Yeah agree if you can spend the gems to get the new gloves/boots up to red. Those final perks make the set

  4. Kind of disappointed. Was expecting them to be more op.

  5. Eternal: Suit & Necklace
    Voidwaker: Boots & Gloves
    Tied: Weapon & Belt

  6. those new voidwalker set are kinda lackluster

  7. Eternal better looool i hope they rework void set they are turbo garbage 💀💀

  8. The only good the of voidwaker is the gloves because the boots can be easily replaced by the boots that reduce cd I don't remember the name

  9. Solid video, thanks. Just not impressed with the void set. Not to mention the amount of time it’ll take to level up to legend. Pulling SIX of each type plus the additional equipment to make three additional epic equips. Maybe for newer players this would be useful. How do you feel about it Phase?

  10. The new necklace increases crit rate by 40% honestly sounds op

  11. the only thing good in the new set is the gloves and boots

  12. I like that chart the only thing I would probably change will be the boots, but still they both look good

  13. The new boost is not S-tier until it becomes red, so you may do another ranking that suits some players that most of the gears are just purple or gold.

  14. quick off-topic question. Are the key evolutions power-up worth spending the coins on? i believe i've gotten to level 20.

  15. Dont forget, having fire in your shoes means you're immune to poison pool. That's a huge advantage there.

  16. Void waker is situational used and eternals is overall use

  17. I'm really bummed that they combined this in the S Grade Supplies crate…?!? I need 1 more Eternal Neck/Boots to get full red Eternal, now I feel like my chances went way down.

  18. We need more events! For people who don't want to buy gems and stuff. The Christmas event was awesome an appreciative! Need more of these!
    I was able to get my second eternal and the light chasers! I'm now level 65 but finally I can destroy hordes.

  19. QUESTION …been playing for about 6 weeks. How often do events come by that give S grade stuff? 4/6 perks are S grade but I’m kinda at a standstill cause i can’t upgrade anymore. The new crate is ripoff and never gives them and is hard to pull continually as a free player. Should i just downgrade and pick new perks?

  20. Void Power is way better imo. Once you get it evolved it gives you permanent invincibility except in boss fights, and I think it’s still better against bosses

  21. What I will change is everything is F because almost everyone is f2p

  22. What is this tier list 😅 well it’s opinion base

  23. I feel like since we have new s grade equipment it’s harder to get an individual s grade piece to epic. Tbh I feel like I’m order to get an s grade to epic you just need another s grade of the same type.

  24. Well, the biggest problem is that you get the S-things you need even more rarely because they are in the same pool. Statistically, this update is just bad for the people who don't pay. But even with paying, it's madness.

  25. which is better during purple rarity eternal boots or voidwalker treads

  26. Voidwaker treads kinda suck they damage you more than helps

  27. I definitely would have put the Voidwalker Sash in the A tier. Its the best belt in the game.

  28. I feel like no1 is talking about synergy from from Void neck and chest. Chest gives you double Berserk time (10s) and immune to death (while berserk is active) while neck is giving you berserk each time you level. It seems super powerful if you combine this two. Immune 10s after lvl up + dmg up from berserker all the time almost. On top of that Eternal belt gives you 50% attack boost when you are invincible – maybe this add up too?

  29. The whole eternal set is better except for the hand guards in my opinion lol

  30. Eternal suit revives 2 times if it's Legend grade, and lower grade it only revives 1 time…. Eternal suit is better in my opinion.

  31. I have voidwalker armor and eternal suit and void power atm.Still confused what set I should focus.Eternel set or voidwalker set

  32. Is there any advantage to choosing only one line? Voidwaker or eternal? I have more of a mix and match of both types.

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