BEST & WORST SKILLS in TIER LIST - Evo Skills & Hero Skills -

BEST & WORST SKILLS in TIER LIST – Evo Skills & Hero Skills

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Today, we will rank every evo skill and every exclusive hero skill, aside from the Common survivor’s passive skill, on a tier list from worst to best.

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  1. LOOKING FOR AN ACTIVE CLAN! Ideally lvl 4-5 or higher!I’m a P2P player: STATS: 57,445 ATK / 236,891 HPJust unlocked Master Yang and at lvl 95/97Currently a vice leader in a LV 4 clan – but I’m bored with them because nobody ever talks lol.I’m extremely active on this game as I am dealing with health issues every day and this is pretty much my only thing that relaxes/distracts me.Probably play about 3-4 hrs per day. Bring in at least 700+ trophies per day. Player ID: 75276937Username: RickyTeezy

  2. Boomerangs would be better if evolving didn't completely invalidate the tech part effects

  3. This tier list is so different from the previous, what’s good for early game lol

  4. Moonshade slash becomes unarguably S tier when you get to level 3 and can evolve it again

  5. For a low-level player at a high chapter (my case, F2P lvl 57 at chapter 41), the Defender is an absolute S-tier. There are many levels in which the knockback effect is absolutely key to handle the mobs. It's extremely useful when using the Kunai instead of VP/Lightchaser.

  6. I’m on MainStage 49 and have never seen some of these lol

  7. I think Lightning/Supercell is totally overrated. I have never seen it do more damage than Whistling Arrow, Quantum balls, drones, bricks, or sometimes even molotov. I have even tried upgrading lightning first before anything else and it still falls behind by the end of level. Sure the passive upgrade synergizes with many skills and the ability is braindead easy-to-use, but I just don't see the damage everyone else seems to rave about. Drones, quantum, and whistling arrows always do more damage, especially on bosses, no matter the level type. I would take quantum/arrow/drones for the tech slot any day; maybe it's a toss up between molotov and lightning if you get unlucky rolls upon level up/chest.

    I also want to give Force Field some love. It doesn't do top damage, but the regen upgrade practically lets you tank damage and trivializes lots of levels, like afk win levels lol. The red skill doesn't increase damage on most abilities, except Caltrops, which does a bleed… woo. The defensive red tech upgrades basically cause the ability cover more area. If you kill things in melee range, it's like a free passive xp buff which is normally unique to the Ninja scroll thing.

  8. Forcefield is great in early chapters against mobs. It atleast deserves b teir

  9. Quantum ball + Defender best combination 👍

  10. Does anyone have this but that it says “abnormal network connection” and you can’t open chests and stuff

  11. How do you get the Devine destroyer?

  12. I know the game is F2P but I’ve been stuck on chapter 15 and got my items upgraded as much as I can so I’m thinking about buying $100 worth of gems. Worth it?

  13. Idk, but boomerang for is one of the best skills, especially when it gets purple, it can deal massive damage in bosses, even mobs, its OP for me.

    I use it in every weapon i have.

  14. my skills in the game consist of the arrow, quantum ball, gas can, guardian, and the super cell and if i can’t find one of them i’ll sub it out for the 1 ton

  15. Brick is great for vertical, but evolving it..not so much. Most of the irons never make contact before flying off screen.

  16. I'd say medi drone goes to B tier because it makes divine destroyer 😞

  17. Third and whistling arrow is a easy s teir cuz you can sit idle and it will keep flying around hitting bosses,elites and regular enemies with ease

  18. The quantum ball is overrated. It should be an A.

  19. According to the ads, the defender should have its own tier, three above S.
    “Look at this damage”
    -Npc from the ads

  20. I hear that the Quantum Ball is good, and for others it’s overrated. I personally haven’t used it because I don’t like the passive skill that makes you run fast.

  21. Personally prefer the un evo Molotov because when paired with guardian it can keep the mobs in the fire for extended periods of time but because the fuel barrel shrinks into your survivor it doesn’t have the same effect. I will admit that the potential DPS is higher with fuel barrel

  22. Phasecast how do you grind for all you gear to red tier and s grade equiment

  23. Pls make videos about the standard Outfit sets. Is there a set without s rank that is good to go for?

  24. Does anyone know if the hero skills stack?? E.g. if I unlock the 3 star skill, do I get the 1 star skill and z3 star skill active at the same time or is only the selected skill that is active??

  25. some skill hit its peak potential when you had legendary tech parts,

  26. I have to disagree with some of the A tier. The bomb and evolve molotov are superb in any chapter I'd say, those flames deal a ton of damage. This is always my go to skill whenever i get the chance. Whisling arrow should be in the S tier as they get handy in every chapter. Caltrops is a good choice as well without the techpart in an open and vertical chapter. But in a square chapter, it is handy with the tech part as it will hit the boss more often and caltrops only gets good with the red tech part. Although the quantum ball is quite good, the passive it gets is quite underwhelming. Those increase movement speed might kill you in vertical and open chapters, so A tier is the way to go.

    Not a related comment, but i wish they make the magnets in normal chapter gets all the gold as well. This will help a ton.

  27. I knew it was time for a Tier List! 🙂 I like how you show the little pile on the lower right so we can see what's next. You put an amazing amount of work into these.

  28. Is there a video that breaks down what the other skills do exactly?
    Sorry not even sure this makes sense, not sure how to word it.
    The skills needed to evo these main things.

  29. Yo Phase u got the legendary drill tech part yet? I really wanna see you use that.

  30. a video showcasing each weapon with red tech would bang! (Y)

  31. Swap quantum ball and whistling arrow. Arrow does more damage every time.

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