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Welcome to the channel, I’m Phasecast, and today we’re going to rank and discuss every evolved weapon skill in on a tier list.

Starting off in the C tier we have the Pressure Forcefield and Fuel Barrel.

Pressure Forcefield

Every tank-like build will likely include the pressure force field. The energy cube used to evolve into the pressure forcefield with the forcefield device will heal a percentage of health every few seconds which makes it valuable in many scenarios. In addition, the pressure forcefield will essentially surround you with a giant forcefield that pushes enemies away that try to get too close.

Fuel Barrel

The Fuel Barrell ignites the earth around you in short increments dealing lasting damage to enemies that walk over the flames. The fuel barrel is great at keeping enemies away from your personal space as it will deal high damage and it won’t push them back compared to other short ranged skills like the defender or pressure forcefield.

Next, in the B tier, we have the whistling arrow, magnetic dart, and dumbbell.

Whistling Arrow

The whistling arrow is essentially a homing missile that loops around the enemy dealing damage and assassinating them along the way. It can deal damage to enemies all over the map from a long distance to close range. It’s especially great in open levels where you are free to run from side to side.

Magnetic Dart

When you evolve the high-power magnet and boomerang you get 2 magnetic darts that will simultaneously fly around you dealing damage at a further distance each time. When it comes to skills that practically surround you like the pressure forcefield or defender. I sometimes prefer to use the magic dart as it will potentially cause more damage and the high-power magnet used to evolve into the magnet dart will increase your loot range making it easier to level up or spam heals.


The Dumbbell is an evolution skill that deals high penetration damage in every direction around you. The dumbbell will project dumbbells in every direction around you that deal damage and travel through the enemy. It is a great skill that can be used to take out high-hp enemies.

In the A tier, we have the Sharkmaw Gun, Quantum Ball, Defender, and Destroyer.
Sharkmaw Gun

The Sharkmaw Gun shoots a large bullet right through the enemy, dealing penetration damage and exploding after a certain duration which can cause high AOE damage.

This skill is great to use in levels with narrow pathways where you can’t run from left to right. If you need to create a pathway through groups of enemies the Sharkmaw gun is probably your best bet.

One thing I have noticed about the Sharkmaw Gun is that it can be very good or very bad against bosses depending on the location of impact. The explosion damage caused by the gun will cause the most damage so if you are able to get the bullet to explode on impact with the boss you can potentially deal a high volume of damage. On the other hand, the bullet may just penetrate through the boss without causing much damage.

Quantum Ball

The quantum ball launches multiple balls throughout the enemy that bounce along like ping pong balls dealing damage along the way. The quantum ball is a pretty good choice for most game modes and several types of builds as it can kill multiple enemy targets from a distance. Furthermore, in theory, the quantum ball excels in narrow levels where it has less room to bounce and more enemies to hit.


The defender turns you into a lawnmower where you can essentially mow over zombies. With the defender, you can basically run everything over if you’re strong enough, or trim the hedges with the blades by running along the sides of the enemy. The defender not only deals high damage to enemies that approach you it will also knock them back.


The destroyer is an evolved weapon skill that might require the most skill to use effectively. It is exceptional against bosses if you are able to manually target the boss with the drone’s trajectory indicators or hitboxes.

Since you don’t need to use supplies to evolve to the Destroyer drone it allows you to use supplies you may not otherwise use.

It’s one of the most interesting evolutions and I think it deserves its own video.

Last but not least, in the S tier, is the Thunderbolt Power Cell

Thunderbolt Power Cell

In my opinion, the Thunderbolt Power Cell might be the best-evolved weapon skill in the game.

It is great against bosses because it causes high damage and you don’t have to aim, it will automatically target the boss and deal damage.

It’s also great throughout chapters and other game modes as it can deal massive damage all over the map.



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  1. The destroyer easily moves up to S tier when paired with the precision device tech part that enables homing missiles. This combo absolutely melts bosses. The range is short so you do have to stand next to an enemy, but this can be solved by grabbing the increase range skill.

  2. we're missing the listening bug, healbot, moonslash, laser trap, thunderbomb, and infernobomb

  3. Laser and fruit are decent, and maybe un this video forgot the 3th drone, Black+White+Medical, for me with purple addon of drone are the best

  4. Fun fact: Forcefield and Guradian are the best upgrades and that's fact. Like seriously, how can people possibly not like forcefield? Also Guardian should be number one slot, since it blocks all shots.

  5. The quantum ball is confusing. It makes 1 ball but every time it hits a enemy it duplicates

  6. A great combo for beginners i found is defender destroyer force field and fuel barrels and supercell as well as the evo for your weapon

  7. Hard disagree on some of these. Also, where is the durian? But supercell is D tier at best. Lousy damage statistic. Bricks are probably a tier. Boomerang is awful, drill is almost s tier, and durian is the 1 true s tier god item.

  8. The soccer ball should be a tier without a doubt it easily drops bosses health by 20-25% with max tier even more with evo, defiently put soccer ball in s tier

  9. Personally I cant agree with the list. Molotov and Barrier have too much value for C tier if combined correctly. It carried me easily

  10. For me, boomerang doesnt need to be evolved, you can choose dmg +10% for the supplies instead of magnet supplies

  11. Whistling arrow passive affects your sharkmaw bullet speed which is horrendously slow and why I use them in combination. There are also lots of weapons that benefit from bullet speed.

  12. Turning off your device then get yourself a book to read is best skill you can do….you is the best weapon there is and on a level higher then any tier that exist… It's your choice ..choose to believe and it will be shown to you in reality….

  13. Dumbell is S tier
    It's the strongest weapon

  14. This video cured my testicular cancer 😍

  15. He left a couple of things out and mismatched a couple of things but all in all pretty decent tier list

  16. Nice nice thank you, tier list for special weapons?

  17. What about the laser beams the fruit and other evos, what about weapons? Like the kunai or shotgun or katana, they all have different evos

  18. how abt gloves, pendants, and other equipment u put on before u play?? whats the best of these?

  19. Molotovs helps against those butterflies that leave poison when they die. The fire and the poison can’t exist in the same place. Molotov is B tier at least

  20. i would put the field in a tier imo

  21. Defender and thunderbolt power cell is S TIER

  22. Do skill evos apply to all weapons or only some weapons (that's shown on the bottom of the upgrades)

  23. The wheel of death should have been s tier

  24. I personally think that the defender deserves to be in the s tier.

  25. Ok im on stage 18 and I strongly disagree with the arrow because it can carry runs in the high stages I think it is 20 times better then the lightning thing

  26. The drill is very strong, stronger than lightning. It zones out enemies with its flight path compared to the lightning which just hits randomly. And the drill evo also auto targets the boss. More supplies also affect the drill.

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