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Today we are ranking every weapon in #survivorio on a tier list including the shotgun, kunai, revolver, lightchaser, void power, katana, and baseball bat!

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  1. I wish they rework katana, it would be nice to see katana does big boy crit instead of ki blast on which the lightchaser alrdy has

  2. Is random excellent s grade better or random epic non . Sgrade weapon for just over all also I am fairly new been playing about 30 days dont pens money with do I chose random excellent s grade or random non s grade epic weapon

  3. it's just me or after the update trendy charm is like OP after max cube energy and killed more than 2k mobs the cd for LC faster than before update

  4. I have a question, can you save or transfer an account to another device? Love the list vids btw!

  5. So would you chose an epic Void/Lightchaser over a legendary kunai/shotgun?

  6. Bat, Lightchaser and Kunai are at S for me, they are the best. Void Powers in the A tier, Shotgun is in the B Tier, Revolver and Katana and Revolver are in C tier

  7. Why dont people use the lantern neclase and choose energy cube as first passive cause its +30 intead of +10

  8. exchanged my 15k Football Cup Scarves for an epic weapon chest. revolver! I'd shoot myself with it but I'd miss with this garbage anyway.

  9. well,it's actually depend on which map you are or which type of monster,so…idk but this tier list is not completely right

  10. So if you can choose between a yellow kunai or a lightchaser, what would u choose?( I dont have any lightchaser but there is an event so idk if I should go all for the lightchaser…)

    Just bought Lightchaser. I've been using Epic Yellow Kunai for a week already and fighting with my brain for days if I buy the Lightchaser in the Christmas event.
    And it turns out I did the best decision buying Lightchaser!! So fun.

  12. The revolver oneshotting a boss a every distance. Is great for this…but i have try only kunai, sword, and revolver,
    I am level 15

  13. I use shot gun especially upgrade up to gatlin , my favorite

  14. My favorite weapon is the kunai. I had a epic one but I accidentally merged it with epic baseball bat 🙁

  15. I used a bat when it come to swipe up the enemy, like I sweeping the dust out from my home 😅

  16. You can dodge and still hit targets with Kunai??? And it targets the closest target first so it’s defence by offence

  17. can someone rate my loadout? it is quant ball, destroyer, defender, lazer, lightning,

  18. I wanted to merge an epic Kunis but ACIDENTALLY made an epic katana. Pls helpppp katana is terrible. Phasecast, pls make a video on how to turn epic back to excellent

  19. Problem with the shotgun: when low level like purple it doesn’t pierce. So it ends up killing the first two enemy’s and then just stopping

  20. The kunai is not the best because it beats other weapons, it's the best because it beats the player. Also, the start of any level with anything other than the kunai is a struggle.

  21. Kunai all day, you can just focus on movement over having to aim

  22. I just wished it wasn't such a grind to get the s class weapons because I've gotten three s class items two of which was the same chest and really was hoping for the weapons

  23. personally i love the kunai but the shotgun is a great alterative

  24. So I use the katana as my main weapon it's great especially for the vertical small maps but I wish the Evo upgrade made vertical and horizontal slashes. Like a 4 way slash in stead of up and down. I think that would make it op forsure

  25. For me I love the guardian, force field, moltove, rpg, and the 2 drones fused together strat

  26. I prefer Lightchaser more than Void Power because the Lightchaser's backward slash surround my survivor and Void Power does not.

  27. The problem with S tier weapons is that it takes so much boxes to upgrade to epic or legendary, compare to regular weapons, such as Kunai

  28. I currently use an epic +3 Void Power (lvl 88/110)..i have the option to create a Legendary Kuni. Is it worth it?

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