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Today we are ranking every weapon in #survivorio on a tier list including the shotgun, kunai, revolver, lightchaser, void power, katana, and baseball bat!

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  1. Yeah, I don't have any s tier weapons, so I always go with kunai. All my weapons are only purple anyways

  2. A tier list! I love lists! — Excellent quality video. You're good! And I love your smiling face. (Is it ever not smiling?) Anyway, have a good one!😊

  3. In your option what is the best character (new survivors) to use whenever they’re obtainable?

  4. Kunai overrated. Shotgun is way better cause you have more control over your shots. Instead of letting the AI choose who to kill with the Kunai

  5. Got void power and light chaser just need a second of one of them now

  6. I saw there a bunch of new drones, can you make a vid on how to get each one?

  7. I have Void and Lightchaser at E3 and Shotgun at L zero. The Void, to me, is the best. ESPECIALLY for the square and lane maps. It’s harder on open maps. But the evo of void is kinda like having a durian. So I pair that with the lightning bolt for reduced CD

  8. Question please: I currently have legendary Eternal Suit. I can make it L1 if I merge my other materials with two excellent Eternal Suits and other excellent/epic vests. Should I be patient or wait till I get two more basic excellent vests or it doesn’t matter once an S grade gets to legendary?

  9. Rip I don’t even got a purple shotty only a green but I still got a purple kunai

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