CATCH GHOSTS, GET CANDY, & BEST REWARDS in Ancient Castle Havoc Event: Guide & Tips -

CATCH GHOSTS, GET CANDY, & BEST REWARDS in Ancient Castle Havoc Event: Guide & Tips

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The Ancient Castle Havoc Halloween event is live in, and today, we are going to go over the basics and discuss the best tips and hacks to get the best rewards.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Ancient Castle Havoc Event Information
1:57 How to get Pumpkin Keys
4:12 How to Catch Ghosts
5:00 Clan Progress
5:19 Finding Ghosts
5:47 Rewards
6:01 Found Ghosts Rewards
6:25 Outro

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  1. phase for the play twice u can just play and imediatly just quit ya know tht works

  2. Whats the point of putting the arrows if its always random? The developers onlt care about taking your money. This game is starting to suck

  3. Attack 90k lv 105, can I join any active clan ??

  4. Is there a clan with all the clan progress rewards unlocked please ?

  5. Watch the arrows and choose a door from column 2 or 4. The idea is to find the ghost by way of finding King who will open two extra doors for you, this means if you find King you can open 3 doors with 1 key. Maximize King's help by opening doors in columns 2 or 4 with all the other door closed. I've been pretty regularly finding the ghost within 5 keys. I only realized this strategy yesterday so I am currently only sitting at 39 ghosts found. If I'd employed this strategy on day 1 I bet I could have found 60 – 70 ghosts by now. Now I'm just trying to help others reach their personal milestones like 40 or 60 ghosts.

  6. Is ghost arrows random correct ? Or is there a trick to where exactly he is at ,?

  7. Hey mate!! Where can I find clan perks ?

  8. Hey mate!! Where can I find clan perks ?

  9. lmao u look like that guy from hotel Transylvania

  10. lmao u look like that guy from hotel Transylvania

  11. Sharing some thoughts/tips on this Ancient Castle Havoc event. 🎃 👻 I was able to obtain 1,475 candies in total without spending money.

    1. You can clear Chapter 4 ,seven or eight times(using shiny wristguards) to finish the "Defeat 1,200,000 monsters" task. This gives you some decent amount of pumpkin keys

    -Assuming you have an average kill of 170,000for clearing chapter 4, you need to atleast clear the chapteratleast seven or eight times

    (170,000 x 7= 1,190,000 which is close to 1,200,000)

    2. There's a little possibility to catch the ghost using 1 pumpkin key if you lucky enough based on my experience, but most of the times it can take more keys to catch it every floor.

    3. In my opinion this is a decent/good event to use your keys/S keys/pet keys since the rewards are better than the past few events.

    4. I believe you can claim decent rewards without spending money on this event( since I believe most of the players here are F2p) as long as your patient enought to grind on the specific task which gives you some decent amount of pumpkin keys.

    What are your thoughts on this event?

  12. What do the green arrows mean? They don’t seem to mean anything

  13. Just my own analysis on locating the ghost, here is the breakdown of what I got from opening doors so far.
    1. The green arrows indicate where the ghost is "probably" hiding. Probably, because this is a game of chance.
    2. A green arrow that points to an already opened door obviously means the ghost is not there so move on and try to open unopened doors where the rest of the green arrows point.
    3. If you open a door where a green arrow points and the ghost is not there, the ghost will reappear and show itself with the green arrows indicating where it probably must be hiding. So it's helping you locate its hiding place.
    4. You might open doors without the ghost but the ghost will run out of doors to hide from, so you will find the ghost eventually.
    5. Don't just randomly open doors, use the ghost and the green arrows to increase your chances of locating the ghost.
    I know the guide is not so clear and brief, but it's better than nothing.

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  15. Hi bro i want to join your clan 😅

  16. Search our clan Level 3 already. "Chicken Clan". 100,000k trophies, most are active. We keep replacing inactivr players

  17. Level 30+ "Crimson Rooster" clan most are 50+ very active members several perks unlocked within past 24hrs. Inactives kicked Join us if you're above level 30 for free gifts today.

  18. If anyone needs a clan join “ The Vampires “ , very active members only

  19. I Need a active clan 😢😢i can't find good clans lol😂😂

  20. Lookin for more active clan member! Join: Orange Lion's

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